Hogle Zoo

On the fifth we decided to take the boys to the zoo. Everett has been really obsessed with animals lately and we knew they would both love it. And they did! We all had a blast!

We brought the double stroller so the boys wouldn't get so tired and they ended up wanting to walk the WHOLE way. They didn't even ride in the stroller at all.

After we visited the apes there was a place where you could measure yourself up to a full sized monkey. This is Everett measuring himself. :)

Warren was just wondering what was going on. :)

At the giraffes! The boys LOVED this part of the zoo and didn't want to leave.

This is me photo-bombing a cute picture of the boys...

After a few hours we stopped at this little picnic spot in the shade and had a few snacks. The boys kept chasing a squirrel and going under the fence instead of eating their food. But they had a good time. 

Love these close ups of my blue-eyed baby eating some fishy crackers. :) 

And this is a lovely picture Brian caught of me eating a grilled cheese...awesome. :)

We had to circle back around to the elephants because they weren't out when we passed by them the first time. They had two adult elephants and baby that splashed through the water and got a drink with his trunk. Everett squealed with delight the whole time. And here is a fun elephant feature we found.

We also got to see an otter show. There were three trainers that would blow whistles and do hand signals and the otters would do flips or give them high fives or turn in the water. It was so fun to watch!

Just as we were leaving the park the boys found this little water feature with a giant marble ball that spun in the water as the water ran over it. They had fun playing in that for a little while.

After the zoo we went to Litza's Pizza. It was so yummy and we had such a fun afternoon!

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