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Hey family and friends,
I thought I would just let you know that our craft website has been revamped and it is now in a new location! Check it out and please follow the new site since the old one (Add Some Paint) won't be running anymore.

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Love you all and thanks for your support!


Utah Basketball game

Sorry some of these pics are blurry. Its hard to catch a pic of a moving toddler in a dark arena. :) But thanks to my father-in-law for actually being there and always taking pics at moments like these when I forget my camera...which is always. And sorry I look like a boy in all of these pics. I was getting in the Utah spirit and I don't own any Utah clothes. They are all Brian's. :)

We went to a Utah Basketball game for Scott's 15th birthday. Here we are before the game.

On our way into the game we passed the Utah pool and we saw divers doing some mad tricks. I got scared because every time one did a flip it looked like they were about to hit their head on the board. Ahh!

Cool fact. See that hat that Everett is wearing? Brian wore that hat when he was little. So sweet!

When we got inside I handed the boys each a PB and J on a hamburger bun. They both just sat back and watched the game like old men.

They were both so good during the game and my favorite part was when the other team (Colorado) came out in their dark uniforms, Everett goes, "Oh no!" because he thought they were the bad guys. 

Happy Birthday to our favorite Uncle Scott!

Just Life

I was looking through some of my photo stream pics on my i photo and came across a few of these gems that represent what we have been up to.

For Christmas, Grandma Rainy and Papa sent the boys a Christmas package. I think they liked the shredded paper inside more than their presents. I found that paper around the house for two days.

Here is a rug that I have been making that has taken over my life for the last few weeks. (More to come on the craft blog.)

Everett was playing pretend with his doggy and wanted him to sit in the high chair. I love how he wouldn't take the doggy out of the blanket to eat. Rett insisted that he stayed wrapped up almost all day.

Love when this kid puts on my boots. The best part is that they are so high on him, he can't bends his knees and he walks like he is in the lollipop guild.

We went bowling a few fridays ago and this pic just cracked me up. We are started them off right. Here is uncle Brent teaching warren how to use a hand gun. 

 And uncle Scott teaching Everett how to drive a "snowmobile"

More driving lessons!

Date Night

So this is how we roll. For date night (with the boys) we went to In-and-Out, then to target to buys me some tights and get the boys some new clothes. Here are just a few pics I snapped on my phone while we waited for our food. PS. The boys ate 99% of the fries. Those little stinks. So selfish. :)

Look at what studs I have!

This is how desperate Warren was for a drink of water when his straw fell on the floor.

Only a few months late...

So I finally got the pics off of my father-in-laws camera so the next (or last few since blogger does everything backwards) posts are going to be a mostly photo-dumps.

Happy Halloween everyone! :)

The boys were so cute trick or treating. Everett would knock on the door, say "chick cheet" and "Day Due" (Trick or Treat and Thank you) before the door would even open. Then when they would hand him candy he would quietly put it in his bag without saying a word. Funny kid. Warren was just happy to have his little halloween light and be along for the ride.

Warren was suppose to be Rex from Toy Story to go along with Rett's Buzz costume. When Warren would crawl, his tail would shake back and forth. Killed me. Just killed me.

Poor Everett fell the day before Halloween while playing basketball with Grandma. He has a very lovely lip to show for it. :) At least he was having fun.

When we got to grandma and grandpas house, Warren was obsessed with trying to pick up this pumpkin (that was clearly too heavy for him). He is lifting with his legs though so he has good form.

Rett thought he would show little brother how pumpkin-rolling is done.

Here is Everett with all his loot.

Warren's special halloween light.

As soon as we got back to grandma's house Everett dug right into his candy. I didn't even have time to take off my shoes or Warren's costume (as you can see) before he had one open and a huge mouth full of chocolate.

Happy SUPER late Halloween. ha ha. Dang I am such a good blogger.