Temple Lights 2012

Every year we have been married we go and see the temple lights. We also take a picture in the same spot every year. On our wedding day our photographer took a pic of us there. Here is the progression of pictures. See how much we change!

Wedding Day 2008

Christmas Lights 2008

Christmas Lights 2009

Christmas Lights 2010

Christmas Lights 2012 (We missed 2011 when Rett was one because we lived in AZ)

Kinda fun to see all the changes. I hope we keep this tradition up every year!

Here are some other pics from Sunday. Enjoy!

Funny Story: We waited in line to see the Christus and hear the presentation. While we were waiting Rett's uncle, Scott, took him on the escalators a million times. When we got there and Everett saw Jesus all he could say was "WOW" and "Whoa" in little whispers. Then when we were leaving he didn't want to go and kept running back to the Christus. When we finally left he said, "bye buzz, Jee Jee. Ove You." (Bye bye Jesus! Love you!) SO CUTE!