A Mustache Party

My dear nephew Deacon turned seven last week and Chelsea threw him a fabulous Mustache party (since he is becoming a man.) We had it in my parents backyard and it was so much fun! We started off with some super yummy sandwhiches with the works and salad, chips and sodas! (Chelsea was even cute enough to bring some candy stripped straws!

Some of us ate on the grass...

Here is my cute neice Zoe chillin in the sun...

And some of us ate up to high chairs...
This is my cute neice Raelyn with cheeto face. :)

And some of us ate up to the tables...

There was even a mustache shaped pinata! Unfortunately I didn't get a pic of it before it was destroyed by the birthday boy. Mitch and Kristin made it and filled it with candy for Deacon's present. He loved it! Here is a pic of Everett watching all the other kids gathering the candy. He got a little distracted in all the excitement and didn't know he could grab some. :)

Next we sat around and talked and rested our bellies. Grandpa John fed Everett some candy from the pinata. I think he enjoyed it. :)

Then we all put on some mustaches and took some pics. Sadly...I only caught a few pics of this. :(

When we were done with the mustaches we had some mustache cupcakes (which were candy striped with white and red velvet cake). Did you know that red velvet stains your hands...and your counter tops...and your dishes? I think I learend that the hard way.

After cupcakes we all went down to  the church and played some basketball. It was such a fun party and we are glad that Deacon could be born into our family! We love you Deac!

Some Sunday lovin'

A few Sunday's ago I got some cute pictures of the boys. Here is one of Warren giving daddy some kisses:

I tried to give Rett some colored pencils to draw with before church but he had more fun putting them back in the container instead. Funny kid...I don't know where he gets it!

And here are some more pictures of Warren. He had his tie onsie on because he likes to keep it casual for church. :) (Darling onsie compliments of Katie Joe)

Just another Saturday

Two Saturdays ago we just did some random chores around the house and caught up on a few things. We got some pics of Everett helping mommy and daddy. Here he is helping me sweep the bathroom. He really wanted to help clean the toilet but I told him he would just have to wait until he was a little older for such a privledge. :)

And here he is helping daddy change the oil in the car:

Mommy's new ride!

Thought I would just show you my new whip :) Mommy be rollin in style! We are so blessed to have such a wonderful vehicle with AC. :)


Time out

Well the time has come for this fit-throwing child to be punished. :) I don't know where he got this whole, "I'm going to slap people in the face when I throw a fit" thing but I decided to start putting him in time out. I always heard that you should put the child in a place that isn't fun for them. A place where you can watch them and only keep them in there as many minutes as they are old. I didn't really have a place like that in my house, so I started putting him in the corner. But he would just look around at everyone and it really wasn't a punishment. So then I remembered our good friends in Snowflake. When they put their son in time out they made him put his nose in the corner so he couldn't see anything. I tried it and it worked! Even though he doesn't stay in there for a whole minute, he knows he can come out when he is ready to give hugs and kisses and be a nice boy. :) After a few times of putting him in time out, he started putting himself there. When he would hit someone, I would say, "uh-oh" and he started to walk to the corner. The scene is really quite funny to watch and Emily caught this cute picture of him. Love this:

Life as we know it

I thought I would just post a few pics of my life as of late. Sorry everything is jumbled and sort of random. That's how I roll.

Even though warren is almost two months old now, this pic is when he was one month old. Its crazy how fast they change!

Here is Everett hanging out in his chair. He is watching a movie and eating some popcorn. He is pretty cute because he can say movie in sign language and he asks to watch one probably fifty times a day. Love that kid.

And last but not least I took the liberty of taking a pic of all the diapers I have changed in just a few days. It made me laugh when I went to take the kitchen trash out and this is what our garbage can looked like inside. :) I love my job as a mom.

Oh and one more. :) This is what I made for valentines day along with almond bark covered strawberries.

And here are the boys valentines that I sent via email. Ok. Seriously...these really are the last pics. :)