The big ONE!

Well, Everett isn't exactly one yet, but we needed to get his pictures done before life got crazy. :) (Thanksgiving in Utah, moving to Mesa, Christmas). So here they are folks! Enjoy!

PS. I spent about three hours making him this hat for when we go to Utah and he won't keep it on his head for more than ten seconds. It is a miracle we got this picture. :)

One of his latest tricks: clapping

This last one looks like he is posing. :) It was actually the first picture we took, so maybe he was posing and the rest he just got tired of taking pics. :) 

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Errands with Dad

I don't know why I loved this so much, but this morning Brian took Everett with him while he ran a few errands. I was happy (getting about a half our to catch up on the house) and just putting away some laundry when the boys came home. Brian came walking in and Rett looked like this. I couldn't help but laugh. The best part is he has never had a cookie and he has never had chocolate. So the fact that he had his very own giant chocolate-chip cookie with the very obvious evidence that he had eaten it was too much for me to handle. :) He was so proud of himself. (I asked Brian if the lady at our grocery story gave it to him, but he actually got it at our local hardware store.) Go figure! I love my boys. :)



We are moving to Mesa!!!! AH!
That's all. :)


Glee baby!

So yes, I will admit that Everett likes to watch glee. But take the title however you want. He sings and dances when the music comes on. :) When Chelsea and Emily came to stay with me (for General Conference weekend which was such a blast by the way...hopefully Emily will send me some pics) we got out the keyboard for the kids to play with. (Actually it was so Emily could perform a rap song) But the kids loved it. :) Raelyn loved to stand on it and Everett never got that creative...he just played it with his hands. But since then, we have kept it out and he plays on it everyday. Sometimes he accidentally turns on the "tunes" button and it plays a song. He dances along. Thought I would just share the pics of the little star to be. :)

My favorite part of these is that his smile is so big you can see the back of his throat. :) Its just lucky for me that he thinks the camera is funny so he smiles in every picture.