Gingerbread houses

So this year we decided to start a new tradition and have a gingerbread house making competition. It was Brian vs. Annie, everett and me. Annie and I did great until our roof caved in and we had to make this adobe house in Arizona. We even made a palm tree!
Brian obviously won! He even had two stories and a car in the back yard! It was pretty impressive. Although we lost, Annie and I had a good laugh.

This was our roof before it collapsed!
Everett wasn't much of a team player. We cast him out to his car seat. :)

An Early Christmas

Look at all the stuff Santa brought me! ...and Brian. :)
Everett got diapers for Christmas. :)
Brian and Everett opening presents. Oh ps. We wanted to do our own little christmas before christmas because we have never done one with just us so we did ours a little early. I even got up at five in the morning and put all the stuff in the stockings and everything! I got a little carried away...
My two handsome men.

Everett's second bath ever

Everett loved his bath. He mostly just sat there all calm like an old man in a jacuzzi!
And yes...we kept him modest. :)

Everett's first day at church

After church Brian and everett were hanging out together... Father/son time

It looks like Everett is having a good time.
This one looks like Everett is cheering for the Utes! woo woo woo!
This is us after church by the tree.
So this is the outfit that Everett wore to his first day of church (courtesy of Chelsea) and we wanted to take some pics of him in it and then right after church, we went to take the pictures and he had a huge blow out and so we had to change him to his other outfit. So yes... in these pictures he has a huge poopy diaper and poop all up his back...nice work Everett. :)

BYU vs U of U game day

Brian got a lot of flack for this at church the next day... :)

Decorating the Tree

Grandma Childs made a stocking for Everett to match ours. Now he is really part of the Child's family! Thanks Grandma! We love it!
Me decorating...
Brian decorating....
And Everett being jolly!

Thanksgiving at Kirkhams

Drake and Aubrey studying and chain-mailing
Being burped by daddy!
Our friends Scott and Lori
Paulette taught me how to make rolls! (Not that I can make them on my own...)
All the goodies Paulette made for the feast!
The beautiful table with the Thanksgiving manora of course.
During thanksgiving break we had a huge blizzard and giant snow drifts. If it wasn't for people in our ward plowing our driveway we would have been snowed in!
Everett being a good boy as always!

Family Photo shoot!

First day home!

So.... tired....
Hangin' out with dad!
Granma Lorraine time!
Look at that face!....and hands! ha ha

Day two at the hospital!

My parents came into town right before we left the hospital! Just in time!
Everett and mommy taking a nap!
Brian was trying to block the light from Everett's eyes so he would open his eyes!
Everett looks like a mummy!
Watching sports with dad!

Everett's Birthday! Or D-day (Delivery Day) :)

Here is my white flag of surrender that was hung in my window by the notorious kirkhams! ha ha. We kept it in our window the whole last week of my pregnancy!
This is the last moment of the great whale! ha ha I thought I would exaggerate for greater effect.
Brian's last moment of non-fatherness.
This is in the hospital with all the monitors on my belly. The top line is his heart rate and the bottom line is my contractions. This picture is before all of the doom came and the contractions were 45 seconds apart.
There is the cutie with his giant cone head. (Which is weird cause he was only in the birth canal for less than an hour!
Here, Everett is cheering because he has finally entered the world.
We all get upset at our weight....it's Ok Everett. He was eight pounds two ounces.
The new daddy! Everett's hands were still purple! Only a few minutes old!
The New Grandma Annie!
I look drugged...and upside down!