Baby pics!

My dear sister Jenna came over yesterday and did a fantastic job (as always) of doing Warren's baby pictures. Here are a few of the best ones she took. We love you Jenna! Thanks for doing all this hard work! Warren must love you even more now. :)

Warren Jay Childs

On Wednesday we got to add another member to the ever growing Childs family. Another child for the Childs. It was such a fun exciting day! (PS I mostly wrote this down for my own reference later but if you really wanted to read all the details from the delivery they are below...otherwise just skip to the pics.)

We got scheduled to be induced that day at 5:00 am. My doctor said I could get induced if I wanted and that since I was so effaced then everything should go smoothly even though I was only dilated to a 2. (Besides I have to plan every aspect of my life because I am a control freak.) So we showed up at the hospital at 5:00.
It was a little frustrating when we got there because it took them twenty minutes just to send someone down to the lobby to take us to registration (when I told her we could just walk there by ourselves since I knew where it was) and then it took them until 7:30 just to get us to our delivery room and get me hooked up to all my monitors and get the paper work done. By 8:00 am I started my first dose of pitocin.

The contractions were really light and it took me until noon to get to 5 cm. It was slow and steady. I was sort of getting bored and was just waiting for the doctor to come so he could break my water and get the party started. I was having a lot of back labor (which by the way...is way worse than regular contractions) and so I sat on the birthing ball and walked around for a little bit which helped. They kept gradually upping my pitocin dose until I was moving a little faster.

By the time I was a 5 I decided I wanted to get my epidural before it was too late and I couldn't hold still anymore. I was glad that I got it when I did. (I told my nurse straight up to give me any and all drugs to make me sleep through my delivery :) ) Sort of a joke...but also...not...I love modern medicine. :) Getting the epidural went pretty well. When I got it when I had everett I threw up three times but this time I just almost passed out. But it was all good. :) The nurse told me that my body has a reaction to the medicine that makes my blood pressure drop so low that I want to pass out so next time I have a baby I should ask for extra fluids before my epidural. Go figure. Then after I got it, I was home free. I could still feel one side of my body but it wasn't that bad. The nurse had me change sides a million times and use the peanut ball to get the medicine flowing and eventually I couldn't feel much ribs down.

Then my sisters (Emily and Chelsea) showed up and brought Brian some Cafe Rio. I was pretty jealous because I was STARVING! But I just chewed my ice chips and tried to ignore the delicious smell. :) After that the doctor came in and broke my water. I went from a 5 to an 8 in about 2 hours. Then my mom showed up just in time! The nurse told me she would be back in a half hour to check on me but I told her she should come in like ten minutes because I already felt like I should push. She came back twenty minutes later and I was a 10! I told her I was going to push and she told me to at least wait until she got the doctor. When he came in we got all set up, Brian and Chelsea helped hold my legs and I started pushing. Jenna showed up just in time for all the action. :) I was glad all my girls were there (But sad Kristin couldn't make it).

I pushed once and he crowned. Pushed twice and his head came out and one of his arms. Then he had the cord wrapped around his neck twice so the doctor had to unwrap him pretty quickly. In the process he accidentally scratched the top of Warren's head and during the first unwrap he actually tightened the second knot but got it all off pretty quick. :) Warren was a champ. Then one more push and he was out! Our little man had arrived. He weighed in at 7 pounds 4 oz and measured 21 and a half inches long. Healthy as a horse! It was a little scary at first because when they put him on my chest they couldn't get him to cry so they had to take him away but he was just fine in the end.

We are feeling so grateful to have our little man with us now and Everett is loving his new little brother. My recovery is a recovery from the Gods and I couldn't have asked for a better delivery. Here are some pics from the blessed day:

Me at five in the morning before we left for the hospital. Last belly shot!

This is my nurse Maria. She was seriously the best! We loved having her as our delivery nurse. Here she is checking my vitals and I am trying not to laugh while she takes my temperature.

Brian just hanging out waiting for Warren to come!

This is me trying to make as many chins as I possibly can. We got bored and were trying to pass the time.

This is Emily pretending to barf in my barf bag and me trying to pretend I am asleep. Neither are very convincing.

This is right after Warren was born and they put him on my chest (the part where they couldn't get him to cry.) He is still really blue looking. Gross!

My nurses, Maria and Mary (who was Warren's nurse) checking his vitals and weighing him. Of course Maria is more focused on me. :) They all look so professional!

The monitor never lies! He was a little small in my opinion but he was also a week early. Now he is just my little midget baby! :)

A proud grandma! I love how mom looks like she is so proud of me and I look like I am so proud of myself. ha ha.

Warren already loves his daddy!

Going home from the hospital. Look at those scrawny little legs! We need to beef this kid up! :)