What have we been up to?

I will admit. Ever since I started doing my craft blog again I have really sucked at doing my personal blog. Its a lot of blogging. :)

But here are a bunch of photos of just our every day life....from the last three months.

Can't get enough of this cutie.

 Finger paints in the bathtub.

We traveled down to Ephraim to see uncle Brent and the boys went to the fire station and got to see the trucks. They were so excited. Everett calls fire trucks and ambulances "Wee-oohs" because thats the sound they make. 

Daddy got the boys ready for church and took a few pics of them. 

I was in charge of a R. S. birthday party. It was mad-hatter themed. We had a good time. I'm just glad its over. :) 

W likes to wear sunglasses in the car now. 

W- helping me in the yard. 

Just took this picture because E is getting so big! 

 We painted our front door. Grandma wanted it red to match her red chairs on the porch. 

Uncle Scott playing the yard with the boys. Rett practicing a two wheeler. No he can't even ride his trike yet. 

I made this shirt. Oh yeah. Tutorial to come on the craft blog. 

Garage door that matches our front door. 

The boys playing with Easter eggs and marbles. Yes. E is putting the marbles down the hole in his jeans. 

Made some little girl head bands and used Warren as my model. Tutorial also to come on the craft blog.

More boys in the tub pics. Its amazing how many baths they get. Somehow toddler boys seem to get dirty fast.