"Saun Diago" AKA "San Diego"

A few weeks ago we got to go down with the Child's family (my in laws) and spend an awesome weekend on the beautiful beach in San Diego! They got a breathtaking time-share with giant windows that opened right up to the beach. It was such a nice break from the hot weather to hear the sound of the ocean and feel the "freezing" breeze. :) 

This post will mostly be a photo dump with a few captions. We had too much fun to explain the whole weekend but lets just say I did a lot of relaxing while my sweet mother in law watched the boys. She calls it "having a good time" and I call it "babysitting," but I have no complaints. :)

Here is the view of our little time share where we stayed!

Standing on the pier. It was SO windy. 

Warren...sleeping as usual. :)

Sadly...our best family pic in a long time. Can't see my face, Warren is asleep and what is Rett looking at? Well...it was as close to perfect as we get around here. :)

The view from our sliding glass doors:

The brave warrior boarders. I was too scared/cold to actually get IN the water. :)

Into the deep...

One does not simply walk into Mordor...

Rett doing what he does best: watching a movie on mom's iPad.

Got to see our dear cousins! What a reunion! 

For some reason he makes that face in a lot of pictures...

Two of my men: 

Surprisingly, Everett spent most of his time chasing the incoming waves in the ocean. Although he did like to play with his new sand toys Grammy Annie got for him and Warren. 

It took all my strength and momentum to lift this fatty. :) He loves doing this at home! Its even better at the beach!

We had to get Warren some warmer clothes when we got there. We didn't expect "June Gloom" to be so darn cold for a five month old. I love his face in this one. He genuinely looks like old man meets gangster meets homeless man. Love my baby boy. :)

Ready to face the cold beach again!

A little bit of real life. 

This is where Warren stayed most of the trip: bundled up in Grandma's arms. 

Everett would cry every time we made him take a break from chasing the waves but he would cry more when we tried to make him go by himself. So we all took turns taking him. We would run toward the receding water and then turn and scream as we ran back, hand and hand, as the water came up around our ankles...well...knees if you are Everett. :)

Poor kid fell in the water first time out and got soaking wet (and it was cold and windy out) so I made him wear Brian's swim shirt to stay warm. 

Quality uncle Brent time. Ps. Brent got a sunburned leg because he wasn't paying attention since he was SO busy holding warren. :) 

Like the nice shiner on his forehead? Right as we were get in the car to drive to California I popped him in the head with the car door on accident. Oops. :( I didn't know he was standing right in front of me when I opened it. ha ha. I'm such a good mom. 

Our set up...SWEET!