31 weeks along

So I thought I would be terrible at taking belly pics with this second baby, just because I was horrible with Everett and I have been more relaxed with everything with this one. But surprisingly I have been keeping up pretty well!  For all of you who don't see me regularly/want to talk about me behind my back, here is the updated belly shot. :) (Just kidding about the last part)

31 Weeks along!

I like taking them both ways because then it looks more like a mug shot than a maternity shot. :) PS Sorry about the fake smiles. It was a long sunday morning, ha ha.

All Events Halloween

So this year for Halloween we celebrated by partying it up. :) We threw a Halloween party at our house with a few friends. We played games and laughed our heads off. Sadly, this is the only picture I got of the whole night:

 Then Everett went to bed and we had a good time. :) PS: Costume compliments of Mitch and Kristin. :) Sorry we couldn't get it to you guys in time! Oh and Brian and I were the only ones that dressed up for our party. :) I was a Greek Goddess (sorry no pics our camera died right before the party) and Brian was a farmer.

On Saturday we went to a friends Halloween party and it was Harry Potter themed. They went all out and it was a blast! Here are some pics from the night:

Everett was supposed to be Dobby the house elf. We couldn't get him to hold still for a picture so he is holding my phone and looking down. ha ha. Oh well.

When we arrived at the party, we had to draw from the Sorting Hat and see which house we were in and sit in the appropriate area. :) Luckily Brian and I both drew Grifindor. I was relieved to not be a part of the Slytherin house. Throughout the night we played games to score points for our team and which ever team had the most points at the end won a bunch of candy!

We had some yummy food too including "bloody" punch...

And witch's and wizard's hats! :)

Here are some of the characters:

Oliver Wood (captain of the Quiditch team) and Professor Trelawny. (I think I spelled that wrong). :) They were also the host and hostess of the party.

Our friends and neighbors, Sara and Jacob. They were dressed as Muggles.  Brian also dressed up as a Muggle but I told him he could be Dobby's master and then he could baby sit all night. :)

A couple from Diagon Alley. :)

And lastly, here are the two Luna Lovegoods. I was her because I couldn't think of any other blonde characters. ha ha. Although we are different because I am Luna while she is at school and she is Luna while at home. :) I was dying wearing Brian's white shirt, tie, and sweater. I was so hot and I looked like a whale! Oh well! All fun and games! :) 

Thanks again LauraLyn and Eric for the awesome party! 

On Monday, we decided we had enough of Halloween so instead we put Rett in his Halloween pajamas and went out to a new Mexican place with Sara and Jacob. Then we came home, kept all the lights off (pretending we weren't home because we didn't have any candy to hand out) and relaxed. Then Everett pooped on my shirt...don't ask. So he got a bath and I took a shower. Needless to say, it was a good Halloween. :)