My 5K race

After I had Everett I started running with Quinn Kirkham and lost all my pregnancy weight before I was six months post-partum so I wanted to start running again after I had Warren. My sister Jenna thought it would be a good motivator for me to run if I had something to work toward so we signed up for my first race ever!

I know a 5K isn't a big deal for a lot of people. They could probably just wake up and go run it with no training but I really had to work for it. I am not a natural runner and well...Im a pretty big baby. Running to me is pretty much torture. No literally. I'm not exaggerating. I told my mom I would rather birth a baby than run a 5K. And I was being serious. But here is a few pics of the big day. My goal was to finish the race. Hopefully in under 45 minuets but if I made it past the finish line before I passed out I would be happy. : )

Here is Jeff and Jenna at the beginning of the race...Holler!

I was a little behind them right from the beginning because I had  MUCH slower pace. I knew I had to pace myself or I wouldn't make it.

Here I am at about 1 mile. I kept trying to wave to Everett but he never saw me. It was funny how he couldn't find me in the crowd. It was so nice to have my parents and Rick and Brian and my boys cheering for me though. I couldn't have done it without them!

Can you tell this is the last leg of the race? See how red my face is? : ) Jeff and Jenna finished before me and J and J and my mom met me 100 yards down to cheer me on for the last little stretch. Jenna even ran a little bit with me and threw me some ice and Jeff gave me water. Seriously a life saver!

Here's Jenna and Jeff after the race. Look at those sweaty good looking faces! Do work!

Here is me at the end! I was so happy it was over. What a relief!

Me and Jenny after the race. AKA me and my mentor.

Me and my boys...and Buzz of course. Warrens face cracks me up.

In the end. It was a good ole time. :) I want to set another goal to run another race. I'm a few pounds away from my goal weight and many minutes away from my best run ever. I ran it in 36 minutes. (I know someone could probably walk it faster than that.) But I felt accomplished in myself and it gave me confidence to try harder things. Now I REALLY respect runners. (Even though I already had a lot of respect for them. I got a little peice of something new. : )


Top ten for the week: (I love how I say this like I post a top ten all the time) :)

1. Brian passed the quantitative reasoning portion of the GRE! woo hoo! Grad school here we come!
2. Everett asks for books (now that he can say "book") almost more than he asks for movies...almost.
3. Warren is scooting along. Can move from one room to another. Slowly but surely.
4. I sold my first cloth diaper! (See our shop here)
5. Brian doesn't have to work on Wednesday for the 4th! Partay!
6. Aubrey Kirkham is home from her mission!
7. My niece Zoe turned one and we went to her awesome party.
8. Made some s'mores cookies. Died and went to heaven.
9. Lost five pounds and ran three miles (not in that order).
10. Cooked some awesome stew in my awesome sun oven with my awesome husband for sunday dinner.

Oh and here is a picture just to make this post actually interesting :)

What a ham.