Our Friends from Dominican Republic

When we were in Boise my parents got the opportunity to host the athletes from the DR for the Special Olympics! They were so funny and awesome guys. We loved them. They were such a blast to have around. Here is some of the things we did! We will miss them.

Valentines day cookie joke

So before we left for Boise I made some Valentines day sugar cookies in a shape that says I LOVE You. When we were making the cookies, Brian made one that says I LOVE U. Go Utes :)

Painting the house!...that doesnt belong to us!

So one day I got an itch to paint and now I cant stop. But our Landlord is paying for all of it, so now I get to have fun and make our house cooler for free! This first picture is what ALL the walls looked like when we moved in with the wall paper. The rest of the pics are the result of me not really having a real job. :) And yes...the bottom of the walls are still carpet. Dont judge. The other room is Colleen's room and also * the bathroom is in the middle of being finished.

Indoor Picnic for two :)

So one night the table decided to just come right off its hinges and decided not to be connected to its base. So while Brian was fixing the table, we had a picnic on the floor in the middle of our kitchen. It was so funny. Brian was very surprised. :)

Dinner + Kirkhams = funny

A few weeks ago we had the Kirkhams over for our usual house-warming party. It was so fun and of course...bless their hearts...they brought us a candy poster! Brian also won some funny hats at his trip in Las Vegas so he gave them to the Kirkhams and these pictures are the result. :)