What's been going on...

1. I think Rett has another ear infection...yay!
2. I am kicking butt on Christmas presents...I know...its August...judge me.
3. I am 20 weeks along this week (Half way there!)
4. Brian started biking and exercising again...I wish I had his drive. I sit on the couch and watch him work out. It makes me feel very accomplished. :)
5. On that subject, had seven no-bake cookies today...oops.
6. Everett has started to chase the vacuum and growl at it when its on.
7. Just had an awesome Stake Conference. Brian and are going to to read the whole BOM by Christmas. Wish us luck! That's at least four pages day.
8. Loving our new site: www.addsomepaint.com. Follow us if you love me! (Desperate plea for affection)
9. Rett and I have watched Snow White twice in the last week....Its the only Disney movie we have.
10. I got free diapers in the mail and saw a double rainbow this week! OH MY GOSH! A double rainbow!


It's a boy!

This is how we roll in this family. We know how to make boys and make em good. :) Here are the latest of our newest member. Showing he is a real man! (It was hard to get a clear shot of his man parts because he kept his legs crossed the whole time. :)
This is the only face shot she could get because he was facing my spine the whole time and when he did turn it was only for a second. Here he is face on looking like an alien. :)..but a cute alien. 

Here is his hand shot. He is totally holding up a number one sign. I think its a sign to Everett that he is number one now and Rett better watch his back. :)
Cute foot shot. Toes just like his mama's. 


Catch up

Here is the down low of whats been happening lately...with no pictures. :)

1. I think everett ate a piece of paper yesterday

2. He just figured out how to open and close cupboards...great.

3. I started rolling all my embroidery floss (because I wanted it to be organized) and realized I had ten million colors and it has taken me the whole weekend and I'm not even a third the way done.... hmm...

4. We find out the sex of the baby on Tuesday!

5. Brian crashed his model airplane...it was sad...but nothing a little duct tape won't fix.

6. My door table is finished and I am loving having more counter space in my kitchen! woot!

7. I have been working on crafting for www.addsomepaint.com

8. I had three friends get married in the last two weeks...yikes!

9. My stomach looks like I just got really fat.

10. Our scale ran out of batteries. Maybe thats a good thing?

This is all. I just needed to unload.


You should check this out. :)

Ok everyone... so since I don't know how to do a screen shot...there will be no pics on this post but I think that you all should go to our (Me and my sisters) new website for all the crafting goodies. We just started it and you should follow us...if you like it. :)


PS. I probably won't be posting any of my craft stuff on this blog because whelp...Im too lazy to post it on both sites. :)