C.A.K.E. Club :) for all you members

One day, when I was unemployed and Brian was at school for twelve hours, I was very bored so I decided to make a four layered cake with alternating flavors of cherry and strawberry. :) Then I had some extra time to make some cupcakes and lots of frosting, (and take down the wall paper in our living room). So later we invited Aubrey over and we did some decorating! I worked on my cake and Brian and Aubs did the cupcakes. They turned out so cute! I was very jealous of theirs. I also made a cherry out of frosting...its a little crooked. But the Kirkhams still appreciated the thought :) *Go UTES

Football in the Zona ha ha no punn intended :)

The boys were out playing a little game of football a few days before Christmas so I went out to watch then ended up playing the last two plays! Weston kept sticking his head on their
rear ends while hiking. It rocked.

Kristins Birthday party!

These are just some pics of the cutie but I don't really have anything to say except it was very fun.