This week we "started" moving all of our things to our new place in Queen Creek. We had Annie (my mother in law) here all week to help me watch Everett and pack while I did homework. Bless her little heart and all of her slave labor. We would not have made it without her. (She even cleaned out my fridge!) Anyway, I have been thinking a lot about all of our blessings: our time spent in Taylor, our two baby boys (soon to be two), Christmas, Brian's job, being close to family, watching the Christmas devotional last night for family home evening, and a beautiful new house to rent. :)...just to name a few. We are sad to be leaving our good friends here but we are excited for our next adventure. Maybe when I get the house put together and our tree up there will be some pics of our new place.


31 weeks along

So I thought I would be terrible at taking belly pics with this second baby, just because I was horrible with Everett and I have been more relaxed with everything with this one. But surprisingly I have been keeping up pretty well!  For all of you who don't see me regularly/want to talk about me behind my back, here is the updated belly shot. :) (Just kidding about the last part)

31 Weeks along!

I like taking them both ways because then it looks more like a mug shot than a maternity shot. :) PS Sorry about the fake smiles. It was a long sunday morning, ha ha.

All Events Halloween

So this year for Halloween we celebrated by partying it up. :) We threw a Halloween party at our house with a few friends. We played games and laughed our heads off. Sadly, this is the only picture I got of the whole night:

 Then Everett went to bed and we had a good time. :) PS: Costume compliments of Mitch and Kristin. :) Sorry we couldn't get it to you guys in time! Oh and Brian and I were the only ones that dressed up for our party. :) I was a Greek Goddess (sorry no pics our camera died right before the party) and Brian was a farmer.

On Saturday we went to a friends Halloween party and it was Harry Potter themed. They went all out and it was a blast! Here are some pics from the night:

Everett was supposed to be Dobby the house elf. We couldn't get him to hold still for a picture so he is holding my phone and looking down. ha ha. Oh well.

When we arrived at the party, we had to draw from the Sorting Hat and see which house we were in and sit in the appropriate area. :) Luckily Brian and I both drew Grifindor. I was relieved to not be a part of the Slytherin house. Throughout the night we played games to score points for our team and which ever team had the most points at the end won a bunch of candy!

We had some yummy food too including "bloody" punch...

And witch's and wizard's hats! :)

Here are some of the characters:

Oliver Wood (captain of the Quiditch team) and Professor Trelawny. (I think I spelled that wrong). :) They were also the host and hostess of the party.

Our friends and neighbors, Sara and Jacob. They were dressed as Muggles.  Brian also dressed up as a Muggle but I told him he could be Dobby's master and then he could baby sit all night. :)

A couple from Diagon Alley. :)

And lastly, here are the two Luna Lovegoods. I was her because I couldn't think of any other blonde characters. ha ha. Although we are different because I am Luna while she is at school and she is Luna while at home. :) I was dying wearing Brian's white shirt, tie, and sweater. I was so hot and I looked like a whale! Oh well! All fun and games! :) 

Thanks again LauraLyn and Eric for the awesome party! 

On Monday, we decided we had enough of Halloween so instead we put Rett in his Halloween pajamas and went out to a new Mexican place with Sara and Jacob. Then we came home, kept all the lights off (pretending we weren't home because we didn't have any candy to hand out) and relaxed. Then Everett pooped on my shirt...don't ask. So he got a bath and I took a shower. Needless to say, it was a good Halloween. :) 


The big ONE!

Well, Everett isn't exactly one yet, but we needed to get his pictures done before life got crazy. :) (Thanksgiving in Utah, moving to Mesa, Christmas). So here they are folks! Enjoy!

PS. I spent about three hours making him this hat for when we go to Utah and he won't keep it on his head for more than ten seconds. It is a miracle we got this picture. :)

One of his latest tricks: clapping

This last one looks like he is posing. :) It was actually the first picture we took, so maybe he was posing and the rest he just got tired of taking pics. :) 

Thanks for stopping by!

Errands with Dad

I don't know why I loved this so much, but this morning Brian took Everett with him while he ran a few errands. I was happy (getting about a half our to catch up on the house) and just putting away some laundry when the boys came home. Brian came walking in and Rett looked like this. I couldn't help but laugh. The best part is he has never had a cookie and he has never had chocolate. So the fact that he had his very own giant chocolate-chip cookie with the very obvious evidence that he had eaten it was too much for me to handle. :) He was so proud of himself. (I asked Brian if the lady at our grocery story gave it to him, but he actually got it at our local hardware store.) Go figure! I love my boys. :)



We are moving to Mesa!!!! AH!
That's all. :)


Glee baby!

So yes, I will admit that Everett likes to watch glee. But take the title however you want. He sings and dances when the music comes on. :) When Chelsea and Emily came to stay with me (for General Conference weekend which was such a blast by the way...hopefully Emily will send me some pics) we got out the keyboard for the kids to play with. (Actually it was so Emily could perform a rap song) But the kids loved it. :) Raelyn loved to stand on it and Everett never got that creative...he just played it with his hands. But since then, we have kept it out and he plays on it everyday. Sometimes he accidentally turns on the "tunes" button and it plays a song. He dances along. Thought I would just share the pics of the little star to be. :)

My favorite part of these is that his smile is so big you can see the back of his throat. :) Its just lucky for me that he thinks the camera is funny so he smiles in every picture.


25 weeks along

I know there have been so many of my fans waiting for a belly picture (actually no one has requested one...at least out loud) so here it is folks! Baby boy number two! And in the words of my good friend Ana Rosa, "He's growing like a weed!"


Everett's first hair cut

I know that many of you will laugh (if you know Everett) when you see this posting...since he really doesn't have that much hair. :) However, I like to compare his (old) hair to Gollum's. Very long in some spots and very thin and completely bald in others. :( Hence the need for a sensible hair cut. Brian did the dirty work and I just entertained so we didn't cut his ear off with the buzzers. :)

We had to put him in his bumbo so we could just spray it off when we were done but his fatty legs barely fit through any more! Here is the before shot:

This is what he kept doing when we put the buzzers on his head. Poor kid. He was so scared, but Brian and I couldn't help but laugh. :)

 Here is the champ with a new hair cut and his daddy:

I had a video of the blessed event (that was only 1 min.) but Blogger never lets me upload my videos! It always says there is an error. :( Anyone? Is it because I am uploading them from i-photo?


Give Away!

Hey everyone! Just so ya know we are having our very first giveaway over at www.addsomepaint.com. If you haven't entered to win yet, you should! We are giving away a 25 dollar gift card to JoAnns Fabric and some cute magnets. See the site for detaisl on how to enter! Thanks! PS you can find the link to the site on the right side of this blog. Just click the little button! :)


Rett's first camping trip!

Since Brian had Friday and Monday off we figured this would be a good weekend to try out camping with Everett. We went down to "the rim" a little past Heber but before Payson. We were at a tiny campsite near Willow Springs Lake and it was so FUN! Here's how it started... Everett fell asleep the second we got in the car and slept the whole way. (And I slept a little too) Bless Brian's heart for driving.

When we got there Rett was a little tired and out of it while we unpacked...

And then we got the tent up. Then he realized how much fun this camping thing was going to be. :)

And he got his crazy eyes! :) We put down our blessed camping blanket next to our bed so he had a place to crawl around. He kept falling off the air mattress and face planting but he was enjoying himself.

We had to get some more things set up so Everett sat in his umbrella stroller...somewhat patiently.

This is what our campsite looked like:

And of course our trash bag hanging from a tree. :)

After we got camp all set up we decided to go exploring and take a little hike. We went to the little visitors center, walked a little trail, and saw the lake. (Sorry, no pics. We took our other camera and it died.) But when we went to the lake Everett and I put our feet in (since mine were swollen like sausages) and his were hot. We were playing in the water when we found this little beauty! I know...a rock. I just love how red it is! It looked even brighter through the water. Oh the beauties of this earth!

Then we came back so Rett could nap. He took forever to go down with all the excitement going on so he sat on dads lap holding a stick for a while. 

Then I caught this perfect picture of them both blinking at the same time. :) 

Then he got hurt feelings...

Then he got mad and threatened me with his stick. 

Eventually he went down for his nap. Brian read a book and I played Harry Potter Lego on the Touch...I know...we are roughing it. :) By the time Everett got up it got a little cooler  and the bugs started coming out (although still perfect weather) so we changed Rett into his "camping" shirt and fed him some dinner!

Then Brian went for a walk and (didn't tell me where he was going) Rett and I hung out. After a while I thought a bear got him! But Everett and I still had fun. :) Here are some pics from his photo shoot!

This one is my favorite...

Then Brian came back and I wasn't scared anymore :) Then we decided to make a fire and cook our dinner! Everett was sort of upset he was stuck in his stroller again. :) He kept trying to reach the fire. 

Brian and I had some good laughs over dinner. First of all we were laughing at this GIANT roaster stick Brian forged for us. We didn't realize how big it was until the hot dogs almost didn't fit over the poker part. :) We also cooked tin foil dinners with carrots, potatoes and hamburger. They were so good!

The funny story behind this was that I kept packing things (before we left) that I thought we might need and (some unnecessary things that I thought could possibly come in handy). When we were getting ready to cook Brian noticed I brought a wooden spoon and said, "What's that for?" I said, "You know, in case we wanted to stir our tin foil dinners in the fire!" And he said, "With a wooden spoon?" We both just started laughing and I said, "Yeah...I didn't really think that one through did I?" :) Good times. Although in my defense we did use the spoon to stir stuff and it was a good toy for Everett. :)

Everett eating my dinner. :) He loved the carrots.

Then the fire died down and Rett was ready for bed. The night was the most adventurous thing we did. Here's what happened. We decided to sleep on a blow up mattress with two regular sleeping bag stacked together so we could all sleep in the same bed and stay warm. Rett slept in his fuzzy footy pajamas, I slept in pajamas and Brian did not. We also didn't actually zip the two bags together because we thought we would get too hot. Turns out it got FREEZING! Everett slept great and was nice a toasty. The only time he woke up is when we would change positions. Brian and I kept waking up in the night and just talking about how freezing we were. We were smart enough not to bring any extra blankets or anything. Let's just say it was a LONG night. Not to mention the fact that I am 22 weeks pregnant. Camping + pregnancy equals not comfortable. The air mattress must of had a leak because by the morning it was completely deflated and we were sleeping on the cold wet ground. Also, I thought my bladder was going to burst. I normally go 2 or 3 times in the night. I couldn't make myself get up and go pee in the dark. I know...I am a wuss. In my defense though the porta-pottys were a good walk away and I would have just peed in the woods but we had neighbors a few yards away. Good times. :) Here is what Rett looked like in the morning.

Comfy right? Anyway. We ate breakfast and packed up. Over all it was so much fun and we would totally do it again. :)...with a different mattress and more blankets. :)