For Halloween this year, we went to our ward trunk or treat. It was really fun but it was sort of a bummer because not that many people were dressed up and so we sort of felt a little dumb. But we had fun. Emily came with us so it was a little more worthwhile. Plus we got some really great pictures out of it! Brian was a farmer, Emily was a greek goddess and I was Legolas (From lord of the rings.)

House Burning Party!

Brian made a house a last year for a project at school. It was so cool and I wanted to keep it as a doll house but we didn't really have anywhere to store it. Brian has been wanting to burn it, or blow it up, or shoot it, for a long time so the Kirkham's kindly had us over for a house burning party. We had dinner and it was so fun to be there!

Masquerade Ball

Brian and I went to a Masquerade ball at the school. It was so fun dancing and being with Aubrey and Colleen. There were also like "half time" dancers!