Ting Ting

My kitty died. :( sad day



For Halloween this year, we went to our ward trunk or treat. It was really fun but it was sort of a bummer because not that many people were dressed up and so we sort of felt a little dumb. But we had fun. Emily came with us so it was a little more worthwhile. Plus we got some really great pictures out of it! Brian was a farmer, Emily was a greek goddess and I was Legolas (From lord of the rings.)

House Burning Party!

Brian made a house a last year for a project at school. It was so cool and I wanted to keep it as a doll house but we didn't really have anywhere to store it. Brian has been wanting to burn it, or blow it up, or shoot it, for a long time so the Kirkham's kindly had us over for a house burning party. We had dinner and it was so fun to be there!

Masquerade Ball

Brian and I went to a Masquerade ball at the school. It was so fun dancing and being with Aubrey and Colleen. There were also like "half time" dancers!


Our pretty backyard

This is a picture of the leaves right outside our bedroom window. All the leaves are gone now but it was too pretty then to not goof off in its glory!
Im too shy :) I wish
Posing for Brian.
Brian's forced smile. Isn't he handsome?!!!!! woo woo
The whole view. :)

Time at the Ranch (swan valley)

Brian and I got to go up and spend some time with Colb and April and the kids. It was so fun and they are the best cousins ever. Sadly...this is all the pictures we got. :( (this one is actually a picture inside the silo.
This was Brian's job. :)
Pretty fields grandpa and colby

ACMS party

The games that Construction Management majors play! sheesh!
Brian was the hot dog chef at the party
And yes...we raced up this giant rock wall...I lost... I was wearing tight pants!!! (thats my excuse for losing)
Brian and one of his friends.
Congratulations to Brian who is now the new Historian of the Architecture and Construction Management Society! They had their first party and we took lots of pictures so Brian could do his "historian" duties. It was so fun. They had this yummy corn!

Our almost...trip to Bechler

We planned a trip to Bechler and even got all ready to go but then we all got a feeling to not go. It was sad, but we still had fun getting ready as you can tell. Plus it was so awesome to have Becky there with us for a few days. We sure miss her!

Fun at Kirkhams!!!

Wasting time at mom and dad's house

When we couldn't move into our apartment we lived with mom and dad for a week. With Annie and Rick for a week and with Kirkhams for two weeks. Thanks to everyone for taking care of us when we didn't have a home.
This is a fifteen hundred piece puzzle. We got so close to finishing it before we left mom and dad's house!
Getting ready to go...somewhere...
Emily...of course, taking pictures of herself :)