Everett update

Sorry this picture is sideways...I forgot to rotate it before I uploaded.
Ok. So here is what Everett has been up to lately: He took three months of army crawling before he figured out how to crawl with his stomach off the ground. The same week he started crawling right, he also started standing up on things, shimmying along the couch and attempting to walk. Also, same week he got two teeth. I guess when he's ready he's ready. He makes us laugh so hard. He can whistle, make bird sounds, call like Chewbaca, click his tongue and say mama and dada and baba. He doesn't know what they mean...but he says them. He also has started to sing with us in church. Good boy. :) We love our little man. He is almost nine months old! (In two weeks). Crazy. Oh and other baby update. We should find out if its a boy or a girl in about two weeks!

Brian's birthday weekend

First off, this post is not inclusive of my little sisters birthday...we weren't there. :( But surprisingly, Emily and Brian have the same birthday. Ok. Now to business. Brian always wants the famous fruit pizza from the Kirkham kitchen every year for his birthday. I just am always too lazy to make it. It actually took quite a while to do but it was well worth it...look at that face. :)
He turned 25...not 1.
Here is the fruit pizza in the makings. And I didn't get any shots of the baking process because I didn't want the camera in the kitchen. :)
Here is Scott and Everett "fishing" off the couch with my preschool magnetic fishing pole. Everett loved it!
Family Picture to document the event!
For Brian's birthday he got the new Lego Star Wars game for his Mac....I know. He's a nerd. But such a cute nerd. Here are him and Scott playing together. Can you tell they are brothers? Oh and of course little Rett playing too. His buttons just don't do anything but don't tell him that.
On Sunday we woke up and Brian made a huge breakfast for us. We had pancakes and eggs and bacon! So good!
So when Rick and Annie came, the brought a walker for Everett. He is scared to death of the fact that it moves and cries when it scoots but when he is sitting in it he is pretty happy. We had to get a picture of this because Scott loaded up ALL his toys on his tray. Spoiled little kid. Look at that face...he knows it too.
Also for Brian's birthday we made homemade Burnt Almond Fudge ice-cream. (Annie and I did a LOT of cooking for the birthday and I am glad I had so much help. It was definitely not a one person job.) Here is Rett helping daddy blow the candles out.

The glory in the makings. (Oh and another one of Brian's presents was this awesome new ice cream maker. It holds 5 quarts!
He also got this awesome new backpacking-backpack (Say that 10 times) from his dad. He is so excited. I was excited too because now he can carry all my stuff too. :)Brian got some really sweet cards from Grandma's and Kirkham and some others. Thanks to everyone.
Rett helping his dad open some presents.
Brian's mom got him this awesome new shirt for going out. It fits perfect!
Oh and I made this banner for his birthday because I thought it would be fun. I don't have a Cricut or a Sillouhett so Annie helped me cut out all the letters by hand. Good woman. Brian also got, another present from me and the Kirkham's but it didn't arrive until a few days later. He got a really cool remote control plane. He said its really hard to fly and there will be pictures to come. :) I think he found a new hobby.
Here is the gang altogether...and of course Rett is on Grandma's lap. Thanks to everyone for making it such good birthday for Brian. I'm so glad he was birfed.


Dust Storm

Last night Arizona had the biggest dust storm in its history (according to the news) and we got it all on these pics! The news reported it as being 65 mph, 30 miles wide with a visability of 0%. It was insane to watch it come in. If you look at all the pics (progressively), look at the cloud on the horrizon, not the upper set of clouds. (The upper set is the regular storm clouds). Brian even stood in the storm for a few minutes and got really dusty!

The whole thing covering the sky. Its about ten feet away from us. Notice the lamp post in the pic.
When we went inside we took pictures of the back porch because you could literally see the dirt flying through the air. It was awesome. Luckily all of our family was safe. :)

Our honeymoon!

So Brian and I decided that we should go on a honeymoon...because we never got one when we got married (since we went back to school the day after our wedding) and we decided to go to Newport Beach. It was sort of now or never because Brian already had the days off from work since it was fourth of July weekend, we don't have ten kids, (yet), and we would already be in Phoenix so it was just that much closer. My sweet parents/emily watched Rett all weekend and it was so nice to just relax and not have to worry about some crazy sitter killing my child. We had a blast. Sorry the pics are all out of order. I am horrible at that. Our last day on the beach!
We saw this and knew we were on a real vacation. :)
Almost every time we went to the beach, we had to spend about an hour trying to find a parking spot. So on Sunday, it was REALLY packed so we parked far away and walked about a mile to the beach. We got to look over and see all the pretty yachts.
This pic is of all the beautiful roses surrounding the Newport Temple. On Sunday we went to church in the chapel that is right next to the Newport temple and then walked the grounds. It was so pretty.

I am so my mother's child. I loved finding these beautiful little shells and wonders on the beach and I couldn't make myself take them home because I knew they would just end up in my garbage can. So we decided to document my findings instead.

Oour couple photoshoot.

This pic looks like it could be the pic for that Footprints poem :)
Pretty picture at sunset.
No...we don't know this guy. Just a cool pic.
A giant piece of sea weed that washed up on shore. I was so proud of myself for finding such a prize. :)

A piece of kelp on my foot. Come to think of it...I'm not so sure why Brian took this pic.
Our sweet set up. :) This is about where I stayed all weekend. I love just sitting on the beach relaxing and watching people.
Catch a wave!
Here is Brian getting ready to go out boogie boarding! He is such a brave soul. The water was freezing! I went in with him and rode a few waves and then got out. That was as much as I could handle. I would rather lay on the beach than freeze in shark infested waters. (Am I paranoid? yes) Although, Brian wanted me to try it just once. I screamed the whole time. The things we do for love. :)
My handsome man.
So here is a picture of people fishing off the pier. It was so neat to just people watch. We walked the pier twice during the weekend. It was so cool to see all the fishermen. There were whole families fishing (I think they sell what they catch). The little kids would hold the plastic bags so the caught fish couldn't get away and the moms would chop their heads off right there on the pier. I was a little grossed out at how unsanitary it was. Maybe it was just my pregnancy instincts kicking in. :) Oh and we also saw a guy catch a huge sting ray...thingy....it sorta looked like a mini shark but it was totally awesome.
A pretty picture Brian took off the pier. PS. More pictures to come. They are on our other camera so I will post them later in a seperate post...which you might have read before this one...depending on how long it took me to post them. :)