Camping in Green River

A few weekends ago we went camping at Green River and hiked through moab. It was so fun and we had an amazing camping spot. The boys had a blast just getting dirty! We went with Grandpa Rick and Grannie Annie and Uncle Scott. We had a good time. :) Here is our trip in pictures. 

This picture is Everett being shy. I love these next two pictures because it reminds me of The Sandlot. He has a black eye (from running into a chair earlier in the week) and this giant billed hat. "Hey uh...and bring a different hat tomorrow." "Oh, this is the only one I have so..." "Well not anymore." Love that movie. 

The next several pictures crack me up because its Warren trying to get a drink from this bottle of water and he spent about twenty minutes just taking the lid off and licking the bottle.

This tongue one is my personal favorite. He got confused and licked the lid.

This is our campsite. We were actually in an RV park and we were right next to a golf course.

Rett just chillin' in the camping chairs.

On Saturday we got up early and hiked out to a couple of the arches. And when I say hiked I mean Brian and I carried the boys most of the way. And for some reason Rett refused to take off his jacket most of the time even though it was blazing hot.

Proof that I did carry the boys even though I had a herniated disk in my back. :)

 My handsome men.

There is this part in the hike where there is a giant sand "slide." You can't actually slide down it but its just really steep sand. The boys wanted to play in it but they were too wimpy to climb up it so we just took pictures at the bottom instead. :)

 We were trying to get a good picture of me and the boys...this is how it turned out...

And this one is my absolute fave picture of the whole trip. This shows my real life. Two boys pulling at me at once. :) I don't think its humanly possible to get a good picture of us three smiling at the same time, in the same picture.

Later back at camp, Scott and Brian were shooting their homemade sling shots and the boys wanted to give it a try.

This is my favorite action shot...

Do you like how Warrens fat tummy is hanging out on this one above? :) Me too.

Good times camping!

Random Happenings

Here are some random things that go on quite often and have been happening this last month. 

Uncle Scott pulling the boys around outside...

 The boys climbing into the stroller just waiting to be pushed around.

Riding the "mini" (motorcycle.)
Ps. Look at Warren's face. Classic.

Brian's boss got him tickets to the Jazz game. We were really close to the court and it was a super fun date night.

Grandma riding the "mini"

My handsome fella just looking so grown up.

This is what happens when the boys dress themselves.

I love how warren chose to wear my yellow flats...and just one of them...and backwards...

This is what happens when mom takes a shower without trapping the boys in their high chairs. Cereal anyone?

Grandma Annie and I took the boys down to the park. They chased this poor duck for about twenty minutes before I convinced them that the duck wasn't having fun.

I was too busy sanding down a project to notice that big brother was quietly covering Warren in dirt. Remember that scene from The Sandlot when he comes out covered in dirt and shakes his head and it all flies off? yeah...

Rett pushed Warren down in the street and Warren got a bloody nose. Poor thing.

Our apple trees are blooming!

Now you know what life has been like around here!

Easter 2013

I know. I'm a little behind on blogging. At least I am getting to it now. :)

So you know those times when you look back on all of your pictures and realize that you didn't get one good picture from that holiday? yeah... These are classic.

Check out Warren's face in this one...

Stink eye mom...


 What are you thinking?

The sun is so bright!


Rett on drugs...

Angry boys...

Not sure what this is a picture of...

How about we put a tongue into this pose?

This is on Sunday right before church. We could hardly get them to hold still for a decent picture.