Our New Pottery Barn Dressers.

Ok so they aren't really from pottery barn and they aren't really new. But they are new to us! We got these dressers when we were first married from Aunt Katie. I'm pretty sure they were her grandmothers. They are very old and beat up. One day we got the urge to redo them. It was a lot of work and they turned out awesome! It was our first project together. :) For those of you who don't know, they used to be white with chunks of brown showing where the pain had chipped. And for those of you who have been to our house...you can see the improvement. :) We love them. We are very proud of our work. :)

The tree outside our window

During the Fall I put up a picture of what the tree outside our window looked like. It was so pretty with the bright yellows. Now it looks like this. Still just as beautiful. This is just a little piece of the beauty of Rexburg in the Winter. :) Heavenly Father does such good work. :)

Las Vegas NAHB Competition Trip

This is the award ceremony for the competition. It was SO BIG! It was fun to be there but when they did the announcements for first place the announcer said, "And the winner is...BYU idaho!...I mean Provo! I mean Provo!" It was so horrible. I was laughing but at the same time wanted to cry. The team did a great job and if I was judging...I would give them first. :) After the ceremony we all went and walked the strip. Brian and I were depressed so we flew to Paris.... No Im just kidding. But that is a really cool pic right?

Here is a few sites we saw while walking through hotels and stuff on the trip. Yes that is the famous wooden Horse. There was a fish tank was in Caesar's Palace and there was a few really big sting rays in there. I have never seen a sting ray in real life! I was so excited. But I couldn't get the darn beggars to hold still so...no pic. And the picture of Donny and Marie. Mom...that was for you. You wanted to know what they were up to...now you know. :)

This is the hotel that we stayed at! The Tuscany. These are some of the people on Brian's team. We became such good friends over the week and had a blast hanging out at night.

My first time blacksmithing

The funny part of this is that we didn't even get a picture of me forging! But I was very proud of myself. I made a letter opener...its just not sharp enough to actually use. :( I had to use a regular sized hammer because the big hammer made my arm too tired! I need to work out! ha ha it was quite pathetic.

Temple Lights 2009

Every year Brian's Family goes to see the Christmas lights after Christmas. I had the honor of going last year and so I was very excited to go again this year! It was so awesome. I love seeing all the work that goes into celebrating the birth of our Savior. They are so beautiful. Oh the picture that Brian and I are standing together is the exact spot that we stood for our wedding pictures. :) There is also a picture of a paper lantern with a blacksmithing guy on it. Brian just HAD to take a picture. :)

I will title this...BRIAN IS CRAZY :)

Brian decided last semester that he would join the Outdoor Recreation team for BYUI (Just to add a little more time into his schedule) :) They did a team building outing where they went snow camping for three days. They got pulled into camp on their skis by a snowmobile. When they got into camp they dug holes for their "sleeping" area and put tarps over the top. They had a little "kitchen" area and they went skiing all day! Brian had a blast being out but he was happy to come home. I was happy for him to come home too. :)

Forging Update

So Brian and Drake and the boys have moved their blacksmithing into the barn outside. Now it looks like a real blacksmithery...(is that a word?) Anyway. I am the words most horrible picture taker; but just as an update, they have a sign on the barn door that says "FIREBEARDS FORGE." It looks so cool. Brian also made me an awesome banana holder. It works so great. I love Brian and all his many talents!

Thanksgiving 2009!

This year for Thanksgiving we went to the church house with the whole Transtrum Family. It was so fun! It was good to see all of the cousins again and catch up. We played several rousing hours of volleyball and ate LOTS of food. Unfortunately I forgot that I brought my camera until the last minute. So I only have a few pics of my few beautiful cousins and my beautiful grandmother. :)Thank everyone for an awesome Thanksgiving!

Brian Loves Me

One day, I was really sick and everything that could possibly go wrong, did. When I got home Brian had made dinner for me and greeted me at the door with a rose. I love him!!!