DIY Book Ends

So this was my little DIY project for the week. I have way too many (and yet not enough to fill my bookshelf) children's books and so I thought I would make these little book ends.

Heres how:
1. Buy two matching or mismatching little ceramic statues at your dollar store. I found these little owl ones. I'm not really into the whole owl thing but it was either this or a Santa statue. :) Be sure to choose one that has a hole in the bottom.
2. Spray paint said statues.
3. Let dry.
4. Fill with rocks.
5. Cut a piece of cardboard to fill the hole and hot glue felt on the bottom.

*Disclaimer: As excited as I was about this working for my kids books, alas it only holds up a few books at a time. But I saw another cute idea for children's bookends where use use a plastic toy (like a dinosaur or other animal) and glue it to a brick and then spray paint the whole thing and put felt on the bottom of the brick. I didn't do this because 1. I didn't have a brick and 2. My dollar store didn't have any animals larger than a few inches. But I think it would work better doing it with the brick.

I guess I only spent two dollars on this craft and it adds to my fall decor but they didn't really work so great. At least all my readers (cause there are so many) can learn from my mistakes. :)

As always,
Happy Crafting!

Fall walk at Temple Square

This last Saturday we decided to go on a walk around temple square after going to Hires (a really yummy burger joint). We can't wait until we can see it with all the Christmas lights!

Below: Me trying to get Rett to smile in the pic. He won.

This kid cracks me up consistently with his funny faces.

Cool Moroni shot!

Love this beautiful temple and all the memories of our wedding day here. Fun to see all the couples getting married that day.

Trying to get a good shot of just one of the boys and we got none. :) But they had fun playing in the grass.

Love the fall leaves!

Then we went to this grassy area at a little park to let the boys run around and they basically just stood by the water feature the whole time. :)

Not sure why he is folding his ears here.

Everett wanted to lay in the grass but he didn't want his head to touch it so he put his hands behind his head (like mommy) and then moved my arm around him for the double the protection. :)

Silver Lake

The other day we went on this walk around Silver Lake to see the fall trees. We had a good time walking in the crisp air. Here are a few of our pics. Enjoy! :)

Us hanging out in the back yard at Rick and Annie's house.

They have a pear tree in the back yard with a "pulley" system on it to get the pears down and Rett just wanted to pull that bucket down so bad.

The new 4 wheeler. Everett wanted to sit on it constantly.

A few across the lake on our walk.

Pretty trees.

Brian teaching Rett how to skip a rock on the water.

My little angel with his folded ear. :)

Scott pushed the stroller most of the way and gave Warren a good ride.

Learning to balance.

First time seeing a duck in real life. He kept calling them "doggies"

Proof that I was indeed on the walk. :)

More trees.

Rock jumping!

Brian and Everett. (22 months)

Brian and Warren. (9 months)


Moving, tube socks, and candy corn cookies

 In case you didn't hear, we moved to Murray Utah. :) We are currently living rent free at Brian's grandma's house (bless her heart) and we are loving being here with Brian's family. Grandma's house is built like a duplex so we have our own space and we are doing lots of make overs around the house. (Pics to come).
I thought I would just do this quick little update of some fun things we have been up to. Above is a pic of Rett wearing some really lovely knee highs. :)
 Warren's bottle before bed time. :)
 Ok and here is a little somethin' somethin' that is fun to do this October. Candy Corn sugar cookies! Basically make the normal sugar cookies and separate the dough into three sections. Leave one alone and dye the other two. (One yellow and one orange.) Then press them into a bread pan and plop it out like the picture above.
 Cut a section like you would a piece of bread and then cut that peice into little triangles. Bake as directed on your recipe. :) Happy Fall!

PS. I have some really high hopes of doing a post a few times a week on a craft or a recipe or a random something that I have been doing. :) What do you think? Think I will actually stick to it? ha ha. Get real Ali, get real. But...wish me luck!