Homework homework homework!

Aw...isnt he cute when he colors! actually Brian is doing homework believe it or not. Oh and this is also a little taste of how awesome our apartment is...namely the couch.



Well...as you all know...we had a beautiful dinner at the Lion house. It was so delicious and it was perfect to relax after a long day. Thanks to Annette and Rick. Love you. We had fun playing the game with the shoes and Paulette and Drake did an awesome job. Thanks to the dads for their great speeches.

We went to dinner AND we got married! can you believe it!

So the night before my endowments, and when we all just got into town, we went to dinner. We went to this weird italian place that I can remember the name! ha ha. But it was a cool place because they have servings that are so big that we only ordered two and it filled everyone with left overs! Aw...my nephews are so cute...and emily. (sorry to chels and west...I dont have any pics of you. But to all you haters out there...shut up...they were there. )


In case you were wondering what this is, it is my leg...with a masive bruise. So a few days before halloween brian and i went and helped at an elementary school carnival. It was so fun and we got to be in charge of that game where you have to throw ping pong balls into those too small vases. We had a blast. BYUI was in charge of bring the help so of course we rode there in one of those 15 passenger vans. On the way home, we had the driver drop us off early so we didnt have to walk so far home from campus. Brian and I were sitting in the very back and we thought it would be easier to get out throught the back so we open the back doors and jump out. Little did i know, but there was a hitch for a trailer there...yup. And being the show off that I am, i had to take pictures of it.


This halloween was different than any other...it was actually fun! Brian and I dressed up and he took me to the orchestras haloween concert that was pirate themed. It was so cool/funny and they did a great job of it. After that we went to the Kirkhams house and of course, Paulette made us food. We hung out there for the rest of the night with our adopted cousins. It rocked. Anyway. I thought everyone might like to see what we dressed up as. I am an egyptian and Brian is.... a snooty golfer...or a private school boy...not sure. But he is still really handsome.

ONE of my many bridal showers...the only one I have pictures for

This was so fun! All of my roomates through me a bridal shower one night after class. Jess and Aubs were sweet enough to show up to it and they brought me an awesome gift! Even colleen brought me a gift even though she couldnt be there. I have such good friends/family. At the shower they made me a wedding dress and vail...and boquet out of t.p... And yes...we are poor college students so we re-used it ha ha. Then we opened presents and Becky...my best friend...made brownies! It was so fun! Enjoy the pics.:)