Aw!!! how cute!

Ok so when I was packing up the house I found this. Brian made this for me in one of his classes at school when we were first married. It is this huge super heavy chunk of metal that says, "I love ali" in case you couldn't read it. I had to take a pic of it so I wouldn't forget about it. :)


Ok so these pictures crack me up. Apparently everett thinks that when you give a kiss you have to open your mouth really wide.... he must have learned it on TV. Crazy kids these days. :) There is just no decency in the world these days!

The big move to the big AZ

This is a picrture of everett getting his diaper changed in our car...which we are living out of as you can tell. :)
Here is a mcdonalds we stopped at along our way. They had leather seats and a tv! We had a good time eating and watching "The honorable judge mathis." :) Well...brian hates that show but I had a good time.
Brian doing the dirty work.
Here is our old bathroom. I figured I would post a pic of it nice and clean since most of you have never witnessed this sight before. :)
This is me doing a frowny face...i had to take like ten pics of me doing this face until I realized that my frowny face is just naturally crooked. I couldn't figure out how to make it straight! oh well.
Here is our empty bedroom...minus the garbage bags and brians phone charger.
Here is b and e sitting around eating our last lunch before we headed out to salt lake. We had cheesy potato soup. :) Thanks to everyone again who helped us move all of our junk. You saved me...and my back.

A Farewell...to arms... no im just kidding...to the gang.

The girls
The girls unprepared for a picture.
The strapping young men

The famous good bye hug.