Easter 2012

Since the boys aren't really old enough to know what the Easter bunny is we didn't do the "traditional" Easter. But we did get Everett and Warren a sweet basketball hoop off of craigslist, dressed them in Easter sweaters and went to church to celebrate the resurrection of our Savior, so thats all that matters. :)

After church we went to my sisters house for a fun pot luck Easter dinner and my mom even brought little Easter gifts for all the families. We had a blast! Here are just a few fun pics we took: *Love the morning hair.

Everett's first basket!

Warren making a face cause he has to sit in the sun while we watch Rett play ball.

Rett in his Easter sunday garb.

Warren in his! Yes...I make my boys wear pink. They have to since I don't have a girl. :)

Just another lamp

Well I haven't crafted as much as I used to when I only had one kid but I still had time for a little somethin' somethin'. My mom gave me two of her old lamps since our house doesn't have any ceiling lights in it, we needed lots more lamps! Since they weren't really my style I tried to transform one of them. Here is the before pic:

And here is the after:

All I did was sprayed the base silver and did a little hot glueing of fabric. I know...Im pretty fancy. Not. Hopefully I can do something else cool with my other lamp. :)

Warren's Baby Blessing

As most of you know, Warren was blessed quite a while ago and as all of you know, I am horrible at blogging. So it took me long enough but here are the pics from the big day. :) All pictures are courtesy of my dear sister-in-law Jen. :) Here is Rett snuggling with uncle Jeff. He needed a little extra attention. *Please note emily in the background.

And here is Everett waiting for Warren to be ready for church so we could leave.

Warren getting dressed by lots of helping hands. Poor thing was so patient. We dressed and undressed him quite a few times because we kept changing our minds about his undershirt.

Here is a family pic...I think this is the most updated one we have...?

Our little family.

I thought this would make a cute picture but my head is way too big and totally blocked Brian. :)

And lastly, here is Rett kissing Warren. Ever since we brought him home from the hospital he has gotten lots of loves from his brother...except when he is kicking him or throwing some hard object at his head. :) I guess its for the best that we documented this at an early age.

*Don't mind the wooden spoon in his hand. He was using it to dig in the dirt after church.


Helping Uncle Scott

I came into our guest bedroom to find Everett "helping" uncle Scott with his suit case. How nice. :) Do you love these Utah boys and their Utah outfits?

A General Conference Miracle

As you all know we got the chance to watch General Conference this weekend and we had the blessing of having Brian's family down for a little visit. :) As always they came bearing gifts. We all got spoiled but Everetts favorite things were his new Buzz Lightyear toy from Grandma Annie and his new Radio Flyer from Great Grandpa Childs! Here are the boys putting it together. 

When they finally got it put together Everett really wanted to ride it without putting Buzz down.

Then he wanted Buzz to ride it. :)

Rett doesn't get how to pedal it yet but Everett loves his new trike. Thanks Child's family!

Breakfast in...the play kitchen

Doesn't this breakfast look so yummy?!

Since my neice Rae got a cute little play kitchen but didn't have any play food I decided to do a little project and make her some felt food. Here is just a little somethin I came up with. :)

Eatza Pizza

Ever since Everett was able to eat solids he has LOVED pizza. We thought we would just capture a moment of him eating a whole piece all by himself. :)

And of course he has his woody doll with him. :)