"Special" cupcakes

Emily had to do a presentation for one of her classes on puberty and the reproductive system so we got a little creative with the cupcakes. Sorry to anyone that is offended by this. Well...actually Im not that sorry because these are hilarious. We made over 55 cupcakes!

New and improved Everett pics

So i finally got all of the newest baby pics scanned... it took me forever! Anyway. Its sort of hard to tell what they are pictures of unless you know what you are looking for. So, one of them is a picture of his spine and if you look carefully you can see his little legs tucked underneath him. Another one is of his whole head and is really creepy because his eyes look hollow and the last one is a picture of his nose and mouth. The camera is facing upward so it sort of looks like he has a pig nose and teeth! AH! but dont worry...he doesn't. He is extremely attractive because well...look at his parents. :)


4th of July 2010

For 4th of July we had lots of festivities! (although we actually celebrated on the third). Annie and I went shopping all day and had a very funny adventure which was a blast, the boys went golfing and forged. Later the Kirkham's made us a huge meal of fried rice and we ate so much and drake made those melt-in-your-mouth cookies. Our friends Jessie and Dallin came over with their little girl Emery. We all watched Independence day and did crafts. Later we went out and lit off fire works and I was terrified that someone was going to blow their hands off! Oh and the flag picture is a flag that Brian got at his Eagle scout so we hung it in our window. Emily and I made 4th of July cookies and laughed our heads off at our Japanese and Canadian flag cookies.

Guitars Unplugged

Every semester the school puts on the biggest guitar show called Guitars Unplugged. Emily, my high voltage rock sister, played in the show! It was so awesome and she was the hottest performer there! It was so fun. Poor tricky though, every time people cheered he got so scared! After we went to our house and ate cobbler and played Catan. Mitch kicked our butts.

After the Sealing pics

These are all of the pictures we took while we were waiting for jeff and jenna to come out of the temple. And there they are!

Part of the Wedding

This is the view of the temple and what it looked like looking out on the city! So pretty! We also took a lot of pics of the family after the sealing. Jeff and Jenna are so cute!

Horse Shoe Tournament

One day at the cabin the boys (and girls) had a big horse shoe tournament in the front yard. Aubrey and I sat out on lawn chairs and tanned while we watched the skirmish! (Mostly because I cannot throw a horse shoe to save my life.)

Second day at the cabin

The next day at the cabin (I know I know, these are out of order) we celebrated Brent's birthday! Annie made him his very own cake so we didn't have to share our cakes and we had a fun celebration!