Crafting Party

Well this last week Rett and I have had some really bad colds. Therefore, we have been in our pajamas for almost two weeks and haven't left the house except to get the mail and more decongestants. :) In all of my spare time I have been learning how to be domestic. Here are some examples:

Pillow: Curesy of Chelsea, I got some mustard colored fleece on clearance and saw this cute idea for a pillow the site www.craftingchicks.blogspot.com so so cute. Anyway..totally stole their idea. :)
So funny story about this owl. I didn't really make it but it has a good story to go with it. So last week I saw this really cute owl in a magazine that was a halloween decoration and I thought to myself, "wow, I want a halloween owl." The next Saturday we went to our local Flea market and Brian and I had NO money. I repeat, we didn't even have any change with us, not one dollar bill. When we got there I was looking at this old wood picture frame and I thought, I could do something with this. The guy that was selling it gave it to me for free! So as I was carrying it around, one of the other vendors offered to buy it from me for a dollar! So I sold it and made a dollar. I then went and found this beauty. So...I got this owl for free! :) I am so good at making things from nothing. :)

So I attempted to make a cute fourth of july decoration since I have none, and just ended up with these useless pinwheels. They aren't even that cute. Oh well. I had fun making them!
I also made this easter garland. It hangs across my whole fireplace (which is not pictured here because I have an ugly fireplace) but it is almost seven feet long! I love the way this turned out!
I also got really domestic when I learned how to make jam! This is strawberry freezer jam. This was so easy! Had I known how easy making jam was I would have been making it since I was ten! But here it is in my littl baby food jars! :) I had to use my resources.

Also, yesterday I made like a million of Brian's favorite chocolate cookies for his lunches. I got in the baking mood. :) Thats all!

Everett on Sunday

OK. So I know we always post pics of Rett, but well...he's really cute. So here are some pics we took of him on Sunday. Funny story about the vest though. I did a load of wash last week that included this little vest. Apparently I also washed some scarlet red place mats (that I didn't know were in the load) and everything we owned turned pink. :) Its a good thing Rett is so confident about his masculinity because that cute little Sunday vest is now a festive Easter pink.
Ok so I know that this picture looks like he is standing on his own..but in fact, I was holding his sweater and then Brian told me to get my hand out of the picture so I did and he totally face planted on the couch...It was awesome. Even Everett thought it was funny. :)
Ok old man face.
Thats right...work the camera.