Our little potato

So there we were...swimming...as usual.. and I thought it would be funny to have Everett sit in the doughnut floaty. Then it was too much for me to handle so I got him a cold one. Well..its actually just a Diet Coke but it sorta looks like a beer...not that Im promoting that.... Anyway, here he is!

3 months along!

When I was preganant with Everett I wasn't very diligent at taking pregnancy pictures. In fact...I actually only have three pictures of me when I'm pregnant. Sad, I know. So this time I thought I would TRY to be better at it. Try is the key word. Here are a few pics Brian took of me "modeling" in my parents back yard. I like this one because it makes me look like I'm six months pregnant. Good times. Oh and there were a bunch more including mug shots but my computer is loading them...and I am also lazy. :)
Classic face. Imagine me doing this face in a serious maternity photo shoot.
My emo shot. Everyone has to have one serious-faced, wall shot....with a desert tortois in the background.


Father's day

This Father's day, Everett wrote his dad a letter (that was also from his little sibling) about how much he loves his dad and all the things he is grateful for. He even drew a picture on the back and he told me to label it "Me and my dad" it was very nice. Here is Everett about to give it to Brian. I couldn't really get him and the envelope to hold still long enough to make them both in focus so...there you have it!
We also got to travel back down to Phoenix and see my dad for Father's day. It was fun to spend time with the family. I made him a homemade coupon book because that's what I always made him growing up. :) We are all so thankful for our dads.

Baby shower and many birthday parties...party

So this was a big celebration day! We celebrated the forthcoming of Zoe and threw her a baby shower, it was Chelsea's birthday, it was Weston's birthday the next day and we also celebrated Mitch's missed birthday. It was so fun to be all together! Enjoy all the pics!
(All the birthday cakes together and the birthday boy ready to blow them out!)
Kristin opening her presents for Zoe. I can't remember all the things little Zo got but here are a few: A new soft blanket, lots of new outfits and dresses, a bikini...etc. We all can't wait to meet her! Pop Kristin Pop!
Mitch getting some sal..za (salsa) from Jeff and Jenna for his late b-day present. (They make the best homemade).
My handsome son
Em and Chel giving sister hugs with the classic bunny ears. Chelsea got new work out pants, a new nail polish, and candy (probably something else...sorry I can't remember all the gifts) for her birthday!
Mom and dad got Weston an awesome apron thingy from Home Depot since he got a tools for building things for his birthday. He also got new pool goggles, money, handcuffs and a new shirt!
Uncle Jeff with Rett
Everyone enjoying the party! Mom made funfetti cake for us non-chocolate people, I made caramels and Chelsea made an ice cream oreo cake for the chocolate eaters. We had so much leftover dessert...and we ate a lot!
Deac just drying off from the pool. What a handsom man!
The fajita fillings...Ok. I had a hard time coming up with something for this one to make it "bird themed"
This is the fried rice...
So for the dinner, mom made the most delicious food. I thought it would be clever to do vintage bird themed label cards...instead they turned out more like, "Ali cracks herself up cards." This is the refried beans and cheese....Oh I think I am so clever. :)
Emily playing with Rae and Tricky. Not surprisingly...she is trying to shoot me with D's gun. In fact, later she shot me in the shoulder blade. ha ha.
Mom made this beautiful diaper cake for Zoe/Kristin. Our theme for the party was supposed to be vintage birds. Mom did such a good job on the cake! It even has little robins eggs and nests on it! We were all very impressed.
Em and chel sitting around talking with Krissy. Girl time!...Sister time!...(Ok chel and em I hope you got the reference on that.) Oh and little Rae trying to get in on the scoop.

I made this little banner for zoe (Mitch and Kristin's unborn child) out of old book pages. Don't look to closely because its definitely not perfect. I was so glad that she has such a short name. :)
Mom blew up these awesome balloons and made them into little clusters for all the boys to play with at the party. They were so excited to find out they could take them home.
All the boys swimmin!
Brian and Rett in the pool. Although it looks like Everett hates it, he actually loves swimming....just not in this picture. :)
PS Family: If you want any of these pics let me know and I can email them to you, or if they are good enough quality go ahead and snatch them off the blog. I also have a million others if you are intersted. Just holla!


Everett's First Swim

So we have been staying at my parents for the last few weeks because Brians work is temporarily moved to Mesa so its like we are on vacation on the time! We decided to go for a swim in their pool but the water was really cold. Everett didn't seem to mind. All he wanted to do was splash! Here he is tanning with mommy. Look at all those rolls!
This is as far as I get in the pool. Too cold for me!
Rett trying to dive in... :)

Memorial Day at the Cabin

So we were at the cabin for a whole weekend and these are the only pics we got. We played cards, board games, talked and ate a LOT of food. The pic above is of Rett sitting in Goodrichs' dog's bed. The puppy didn't like it. But rett thought it was comfy. :)
Here is Rett and Brent's dog, Bear, playing together. Huge dog but really sweet. Everett got a little freaked out because Bear kept trying to lick his face. All Everett wanted to do was to use him as a lazy boy!

Four generations

Granpda Childs with Brian and Rett
The four generations of Childs!
Rett and I just hanging out. Dont mind the hair. The wind did it for me.

Everett's Six-month photo shoot

Enjoy! PS...he really hated the grass ha ha

U2 Concert

For Christmas, Brian's brother, (Brent) bought him a ticket to the U2 concert. So, of course, ever since Christmas Brian has been stoked to go! The concert finally happened at the end of May in the Rice Eccles Stadium. (Brian's dad even got to go!) When they got to their seats (a million hours early) they found out that Brian's seat was a wheel chair spot...as in, there was no seat there because it was for a wheel chair. So they went to the "guest services" place and asked them if they could get them different seats. They tried to give them new seats but Brian and Brent didn't want them because they were way farther away and they paid for good tickets! So they asked if they had anything equal to or better than what they paid for. The lady handed them tickets for the very front row! They said they would just have to suffer through it... :) They were like little kids at Christmas time! They had so much fun at the concert and got to see The Fray open for U2. They came home very tired but had such a good time. See how close they were!The boys wearing their new U2 hats!
This is how HUGE the stage was. I think it took about 48 semi's just to set up the stage! (and three days to put it together!)

New Lamp...sort of

So when we lived in Rexburg, Brian thought it would be super cool to forge a lamp for us. So he did a little blacksmithing and it turned out awesome! I seriously love this lamp. When we moved to Snowflake it sat on my side table for many a month without a shade and we finally got one. So now the glorious lamp is complete! (Don't mind the messy side table..the focus here is the craftsmanship!) Love my man and his mad skills!

Baby in the Bath

So I'm not really sure what it is about naked, clean babies wrapped up in towels but it gets me every time. Every time I get Rett out of the bath and wrap him in the towel I bring him in to show Brian (like hes never seen Rett take a bath before) and I say "Look at me dad! I'm a naked boy!" (As if rett was talking. :) ) So this time I made Brian take a few pics. My little sweetie pea.
Yes...Im squeezin his little man boob. Love it!