My thoughts on the Role of Women

Lately I have been having a few thoughts about all that is going on in the world, the church and my life. I just wanted to have a platform to share my thoughts on my role as a woman. I don't mean to argue with anyone or create contention, but I feel a strong need to "stand for truth and righteousness." PS. Sorry this is really long but I felt like I needed to share it....And of course I needed to add some pictures to make this visually interesting. :)

The Real Role of Women

Over the past few weeks I have been studying our glorious mother Eve and her glorious companion Adam. The story of the Garden of Eden is a largely misunderstood piece of doctrine that has shaped society’s views on women through all ages of the earth. Throughout all of history women have been viewed as “less than” and have been in “bondage” to the will of men. The world thinks that Eve was beguiled and partook of the forbidden fruit and therefore was the “airhead “woman who allowed evil and death to enter the world.

Not so. Our magnificent mother Eve was taught side by side with Adam, by God. She learned about judgment, choices and all that would befall everyone who came after her if this choice was made. We (as Latter-day Saints) also believe that her mission was also foreordained before the world was even created. Our modern day prophets teach us that only a woman could unlock the gate that allows us to be mortal. Only a woman was chosen to have the special gift of allowing God’s children to enter this world. Even today, only women have the extraordinary capability to bring life into this world. It is a gift given only to women.

Was it not God’s plan that we should come to earth and face opposition that we may grow and choose right from wrong that we may become like Him? Was it not his plan that the spirits in Heaven should come down and receive bodies and enter a mortal world? It was! And our mother Eve was the most courageous woman of all. To know and understand what would happen if she partook of that fruit and still make the selfless choice so that others may gain salvation. Knowing all that women would endure in this mortal life, she was courageous enough to know that it would be for our good and our spiritual growth. And she partook. And aren’t we glad she did? I’m sure we all stood in Heaven waiting for Eve to make this choice and grant us the ability to come to earth. I’m sure we all cheered as she courageously and knowingly partook of the fruit.

Now. Lets look at Adam. Adam was also foreordained for a special gift and mission. He was to receive the priesthood and use that sacred power and responsibility to build up the kingdom and help us return to our Heavenly Father. Adam and Eve being EQUAL (but not the same) partners in the Lord have the sacred responsibility to carry out God’s plan to get us to earth, then help us return. Adam partook of the fruit after Eve partook because he also understood this necessary step and supported Eve in the grand decision that would allow all of us (the waiting spirits) to enter into mortality.

We all know that Satan works through clever design. Tempting us with things that are mostly right but only partially wrong. This is God’s church. Not the Prophet’s church. And maybe if it were The Church of President Monson, we might all have the responsibility of the priesthood. (Trust me, I would NOT want that.) But it isn’t. This is the Lords church. And our roles as men and women have been divinely appointed. Men are to move the work along with the priesthood, with their gentle guiding hands, with their loyalty, honor, and example. Women are move the work along by helping spirits obtain their earthly bodies, nurturing those spirits, and with their loyalty, succoring those in need of comfort, and their gentle demeanor and love. And we all benefit, both by the role of women and by the blessings of the priesthood.

For those of you who don’t understand why women don’t hold the priesthood in the church you can see that we hold an EQUALLY as important role in the work of the Lord. (Notice that I did not say the “Same” or that it is “More Important”).

Dear sisters, let us stand by what we know to be true and seek after our responsibilities.  I know that God has given us an important gift and I will continue to pray for those who are lost or confused on what their role is as a woman. I also hope that anyone who reads this will seek for her own answers by asking God. Pray to Him and He will tell you WHO YOU REALLY ARE and WHO YOU MAY BECOME as a daughter in His kingdom.