Just another cake

So I made a cake for one of my friends but it didnt turn out quite like I thought it would. The twigs for the birds look like rivers because they are blue but oh well. :) I tried.


For a stake young women's activity I made 120 cupcakes. Paulette frosted them and it took everyone to finish all the fondant tuxedos. (This took us three days!) And we sure are proud of them. :) The activity was awesome!

This pic is to show how many there actually are!

Trip home and Everetts many faces

I think this is my favorite blog post Ive ever done

Second Christmas in SLC

So we only got three pics because our camera died. But we got so many awesome things for Christmas and we definitely got spoiled. Scott and Brian played with this remote control helicopter for a few hours which was very entertaining. :)
Our very full stockings!
We gave scott a rocket for Christmas. Now he has an excuse to go blow something up. :)

Christmas lights

Brian and I take a picture in the same spot every year when we see the Christmas lights. It was fun to have Everett with us this year...although he looks like a sack of potatoes. But I promise he is in there.

Christmas Day

I made a little hat for Raelynn for Christmas. Everett tried it on but we don't want any rumors getting around...
Tricky finally got how to open the presents and then he was unstoppable!
I got my favorite KB socks for Christmas!
I love this pic of Deacon. He looks so happy/surprised that Everett is smiling at him.
Brian got 12 decks of cards! Hand and foot here we come! The Kirkhams had better get ready to get dominated.

Family Pictures at the Park

So we did family pictures at this awesome park (I will post them once i have the actual pics) and here are a few pics. Some of them are Brian's artistic expressions with his new camera. They rock!
This is supposed to look like Kristin is picking Emily up by the arm pits but it just makes it look like she is really tall... like seven feet tall
Im not sure what Corbin is doing here but it looks like he is punching Tricky in the face....knowing Corbin, thats definitely what he is doing.
Ah look at that face...
Us girls were to lazy to play tag so we sat on the bench and talked. And when I say lazy, I mean that I am holding a baby, Chelsea and Krissy are prego and I don't know what Emily's problem is. She probably doesn't feel good.
Bryce and West
This is my fav one that Brian took.

Oh and there was a little train that you could pay three dollars to ride around the park but Emily being the flirt she is, convinced the lady to let her on for free!

Attempted photo shoot

So we first tried dressing him up until we realized that he looks like a hobbit so we changed our minds and did the classic nude shots.
We tried stacking him on these towels and then he started lifting himself up...
a little too high...
and this was the results. Sorry the pic is sideways I couldn't get it turned for some reason.

Brians new camera

This is one of my favorites because it looks like he is drunk.
Pretty oranges in the backyard and mom and dads house. Look at that spit bubble. Wow. I always knew my child would be talented.
I look like I am whistling at him.
This is my favorite picture ever taken of everett. (Because he looks like he could be the fat guy on some sitcom. In fact, he looks so famous we almost used this pic for his baby announcement. :)
For graduation, Brian got a new camera from his family and these pictures are all taken when we were just playing with all the settings and such, but we did get a few really goofy ones of Everett so thats good. (PS this is a few days before Christmas)