For part of Brian's birthday celebration we went to Yellowstone for the day. Brian has been there lots of times as a kid and I have never been so it was fun for him to show me around. We saw lots of awesome things, ate a picnic lunch and got frozen yogurt! We had such a fun exhausting day. :)

Brian and Emily's Birthday Bash

So of course, as we all know, Emily and Brian share a birthday so we decided to have a shared birthday party at our house. We had a baked potato bar and lots of other yummies. And of course, we had to get them their own cakes so it didn't feel like they had to share a birthday. I made Emily a Pink lemonade Pie and Mitch and Kristin got Brian a huge fruit pizza pie. They were both so good. After Kristin fed Tricky we all ate and we sang (Transtrum style). Then we held up this giant lighter (that was in the shape of a golf club...thank you kirkhams) and Emily and Brian took turns blowing out the flame and making a wish. (I had no candles.) It was a blast but we had to end early because Em was heading out to Provo and we all got really tired from all the carbs. :) (P.S. That day, Emily and Mitch and Kristin went to Yellowstone and the day before this Brian and I went golfing for part of his birthday. I was only like 50 over par! It was a blast and we played until we couldn't see anymore. Happy Birthday Brian and Emily!)


So a few weeks ago there was a fire down by INL and all the smoke got caught in the cloudy sunset and it was probably one of the coolest things I have ever seen. Brian took all of these awesome pics! Dang he is good!

25 weeks!

So I told Brian we needed to take pictures of my gut before I exploded. Here is me at about 25 weeks! Yay! only 15 more to go! Oh and I was trying to be silly but Brian wanted me to be serious....very difficult