Birthday cake!

The guy with live with, his name is Brian too, his little girl Tegan is turning 6 today so last night Brian and I helped Brian make a cake and this is what we came up with. This is probably my favorite cake I have ever made! It turned out so cute thanks to the boys ideas and my handiwork. :)

Our Trip to Denver

This is Denver. One day Brian had a random day off so we decided to take a little trip. 
Brian made me take a picture of this tunnel for some reason. It goes all the way through the middle of a giant mountain. The tunnel was so long I was starting to feel claustrophobic. :)
We stopped to get gas in this little town in the mountains and they had these little old school pumps so I just had to get it on camera. It had an advertisement on the side saying "Self-stop gas coming soon." It was funny. 
Here is the fountain in front of the Denver, CO temple. 
Me...and the temple
There were some very gorgeous tulips in front of the temple.

Brian likes using the ten second timer on my camera 
I dont know why Brian didn't tell me I was making a face! ha ha. Im squinting so much!

Oh by the way. We also got to stop by Brian's Missions President's house. It was so cool to finally meet them. Sister Brimhall is so sweet. And of course. I left my camera in the car. Just use your imaginations. 

Moab and the arches

During our hike that day it started to rain and get really windy so Steve and i put on our rain ponchos. Everyone thought we looked funny. I had a blast wearing it. I felt so... so...dry :)
This is me...hiding in a hole like the little mole I am. 
Brent..(and later Brian and Scott) swinging like a little happy monkey 
One of the arches
Here is Brian climbing down into that bottomless pit. He said that last time he went there he rolled a golf ball around the hole and wanted to go see if it was still there. ha ha... it wasn't but he had fun climbing none the less.
Brian and I at the big shabang
Resting on the long hike up 
Everybody on the bridge at the first of the hike. 
Brian and Annie at the Arches National Park...of course...you can read. :)

Goblin Valley and the adventures thereof

For anyone who has never been to Goblin Valley, its a freak of nature. It was the coolest thing I had ever seen. In Annie's words, "Its like God took a an icing tube and made a whole bunch of globs." And that really what it looks like. It is so cool. The picture above this is actually Brent. He climbed up so high we could barely see him. It was so cool. Brian did too...but he had the camera in his pocket so... 
Here is the valley
A family picture of everyone...but rick :(
Superheroes among goblins
A monk among goblins
A handsome man among goblins

Camping/Little Wild Horse Canyon

This was probably my favorite day of camping. Although...all of it with the Childs was so awesome. It was nice for Brian and I to have a little vacation. Here is all of the Childs kids hanging out in the canyon
Brian...pretending to be strong...no Im kidding Brian! you are already strong....just not THAT strong. :)

Brian and Brent and Scott kept climbing up really scary high places. I almost had a heart attack a few times. But we got some cool pics out of it. 
The kiddies at the beginning of the hike. 
Our camp kitchen. PS good food Annie. mmm
Scott in action....cutting up wood. He was actually really accurate with that thing. I was scared if I tried I would cut my own leg off. Good job Scooter. 

The Last Supper

Before we left the Kirkhams house for the last time before Colorado, this was the glorious feast. They threw us a party and even gave us treats for the way out! Here are some of the happenings of the day of the last supper. The boys did some last forging and Brian made Scott a sword out of this giant bolt! It was awesome. We already miss the Kirkhams and their sweet spirit. We can't wait to get back to Rexburg to see them. 

My kids...for the week.

For those of you who didn't hear. I got a nannying job from a lady that I knew in Boise. She called me up and asked if I could come be with the kids for five days. I was so excited so here are a few of my adventures. During the week I made the girls a jump-rope world record book and they played with that thing for hours! It saved me. 
During my free time while babysitting...which was just about none, I crafted up some little shoes to fit their American girl dolls. They loved them. I made a pair for each girl in a different color and style. It was the thing that kept me sane. :)
And of course my little one...Abby. I actually caught her smiling so I just had to take a pic. She was my little terror but also my favorite. 
During General Conference right when a song would start I would say, "Hurry! Hurry!" and they would jump on the trampoline until the song was over. They thought it was SO FUNNY.
These are the three amigos...Kate, Hannah and Ellie. I babysat during general conference and so I made them some key word bingo cards and they actually sat and listened for ALL sessions. Including Saturday. It was awesome. I was pretty proud of myself. 
This is my little Katers-tater-tot. I love that little cutie so much. She was one of my biggest helpers during the week. 
This is Ellie. One night I did the girls hair in tiny braids so their hair would be curly for school. She had a lot of fun taking them out. :)
Here is my little Zach. He was watching Ellie undo her braids. He is three...I think :)