Temple Trip and Red Robin

Crazy drive it was SO pretty although its hard to capture all the beauty. I think Brian took this picture out his window while driving.
Im sad because I MADE Brian take a picture of me
This is what happened the first time he tried to take a picture of me
I think he is a little too excited...but still cute
Me taking more pictures of myself. :)
This temple trip we got to do sealings which was SO cool. It was our first time doing that.
See the people in the background? That girl is totally getting proposed to.

Attempt to Rock Climb

This is frame worthy ha ha mainly because of the river though
I have to take pictures of myself because I always have the camera and when Brian has it he just wants to take pictures of like mountains and stuff...you know? ha ha (This is the face I would make if I were stalking someone)
The view at the top
Brian scouting out the area like any good climber would do.
When we got to the top of the mountain we wanted to hook up to I laughed out how much smaller the Tercel was. Oh the Tercel.
We found the climbing spot!
This is me pretending to be the king of this mountain that I didn't even climb.
So on our way to the spot where we wanted to climb Brian saw this pretty little stream.

Dum da da da da Dum (Graduations song) for Emily

Be the camera
Find your inner animal
Work with me
Brian playing with the camera
What up Gurl!
The funny thing is she can barely hold him up ha ha
Jefferoni the San Francisco Treat
Sisters Sisters No one can ever come between the sisters. I think thats a song. ha ha or not.
Im ready for my close up mister Devillle
Oh my gosh my family is so cool...especially Corbin ha ha
Every one posing...so casually
Brian and his favorite nephews
Us not paying attention to the speakers
The graduate in action
Jeff and his new beau Jenna
Chelton and Corb
Mitchy and Kris
B-ri (aka Brian)

Cabin in Strawberry-Memorial Day weekend

Da bears, Da bulls, Da Cabin. Sami-poo and Katie
Steve and Scooter (who kicked behind at all the games that weekend) playing Catan
Of course, Rick and Annie!
This is the famous new dirt bike that Brent owns and he kindly let Brian ride. (Oh and Annie let me ride her's, that sweet little lamb.)
So right before we left to go home from the cabin, Brian taught me how to drive a dirt bike. It was so fun but I have a funny story to go with it. So before I even went anywhere Brian showed me where all the things were. Like the brake, the other brake, the clutch, the gears, the gas. I thought I had it all down until he had me let go of the clutch and I started going so fast. I went so fast that I wasnt thinking and was about one inch away from hitting Uncle Steve's new car. I must have forgot where the other other brake was ha ha. How embarrassing.
Cutest little brother I have ever had.
Oh my gosh. This is so cute. The way Drake is standing reminds me of that face he makes when he is pouting! Am I right? Am I right?
Then the Em machine.
Aubs and Sami the conjoined twins.... I dont know how to spell that ha ha
And Aubrey. I'm sorry I couldn't resist putting this one up your face is just too adorable I couldn't help myself.
Of course I had to get the men forgin'! Look at Brent with NO GLOVES! Crazy man.
Here is the boys deciding to chop down some fire wood... I think they just really wanted to use the chain saw.

Caught in the jungle...at work

So I was at work one day and I found a dead mouse. Then Eric found a frog and then a garden snake and then this! It was a giant moth that was the size of your hand! It was awesome. So awesome I just had to put it on the blog. :)