Foot kisser...closely related to a butt kisser. :)

A few weeks ago I was trying to change everett's diaper and he kept grabbing his feet and trying to suck on his toes. (As all good babies do). We tried to take some pics but he stopped doing it so we just force fed them to him. Some parents feed their kids vegetables and we feed our kid meat. :)

Cousins. Cousins. Never were there more devoted cousins!

These pics were taken when I went to visit my family for a week in Phoenix. Raelyn is my sisters baby and they are only a few months apart! It will be so fun when they are older. Although...they didn't actually like laying near each other during this shoot. Everett kept trying to grab raelyn's hair...probably because he is jealous that he doesn't have any. They are in jammies because they are about to go to bed! (Hence Rett's horrified face) Just kidding.


This is just Everett hanging out with dad before church. I don't really know why it was significant that I post this but...none the less!

More pics of Everett...of course. What else would we post about!

This last week we decided to take a tour of our backyard and discuss how we could make our yard look like a drug lord doesn't live here. We took everett out with us in his new hat and just had to take some pictures. Oh and I know the pictures are always out of order but Brian was holding him on his shoulders first and then I tried. As you can see...people with long hair should not hold children under the age of one on their shoulders. :)