Special Halloween Dinner

Ok so this wasn't even a "Halloweeny" dinner because it had nothing to do with Halloween besides the fact that we ate it on Halloween night and I turned off all the lights and lit a candle to make it spooky. But I sure had a good time making it.
Oh and for anyone that wants to know. That chicken has cream cheese, string cheese and rosemary in the middle with shake and bake on top. So delicious! (Paulette's recipe)

Leaf Party

So you definitely cannot tell what this is, but the trailer is behind the blazer and it is full to the brim with leaves! Every year we do a "leaf party" at the Kirkham's house. Some of us rake and others pile them into the trailer and others stomp on them...or lay on them. (Depending on their laziness. :)) Normally we burn all the leaves in the fire pit at the end but it was about to rain and it got really dark so we just took them to the dump the next day.
Here is a picture of Terik pretending to eat a giant bowl of delicious soup that Paulette made!
Drake....just chillin.
The gang, waiting patiently for the soup.
Paulette slaving away in the kitchen. The soup was so good and had so much cheese in it that we all had a good time sitting at the table slurping as loud as we could and letting the cheese whip down our chins. Kirkham's always feed us a delicious meal on "leaf party" day. In fact, come to think of it. They always feed us a delicious meal...no matter what day it is!

Pumpkin Time!

So for some reason, I am an idiot and always upload the pictures in the wrong order but here is our finished pumpkin! And...you guessed it. The E stands for Eternity. ha ha totally kidding. It stands for Everett! (Because we are so excited for him to come.)
This is me going through all the guts of the pumpkin and picking out all the seeds!
So when we went to light the pumpkin we realized that we don't own any candles, and it would be just plain crazy to put my sentsy candles in, but we finally found one. The wick was so buried that brian had to cut off the top and then burn it out!
Here is the best part of the pumpkin... the part you can eat. :)
Here is Brian burning it out so we can light the wick.
Here is what it looked like before we operated on it. Muwah ha ha ha. (Scary Halloween laugh.)
More digging!
Brian drawing out the evil plans. (More evil laughing)


Girls night out!

The night before school started we had a girls night out! It just so happened that Alexa and Roni came back for school and Becky was visiting on the same night! We had so much fun. We went to the Teriyaki place and then came back and ate it at our house. Then we sat and talked and then we at carrot cake and talked some more! We had such a blast catching up!
The gang. Of course Alexa is blinking... :)
This is how the prepare themselves for the photo shoot.
Alexa had her awesome camera so I had to get a picture of her using it! :)

Transtrum Family Pictures!

Sorry you couldn't be there Mitch, Krissy and Tricky! We missed you!
OH...and emily. Im sorry you are too far up on the stairs in this picture. ha ha and I just realized that we are also missing West and Deac. :)

Phoenix Baby Shower!

For the baby shower, all of the girls put in so much work! In this picture everyone is playing the name-that-poop game. There is a candy bar in a few diapers and you have to try to guess which candy bar it is. I tied for second with Corbin...mostly because I am addicted to chocolate and can pick it out anywhere. But a few people were getting grossed out 'cause well...it just looks gross!
Jeff cheated by licking it. But I had to put this picture up because how often do you get a picture of your brother licking brown stuff out of a diaper!
Here is an example of one of the diapers.
The baby shower was "nautical" themed and so we had all kinds of darling things. The meal we ate was even talapia and fries and a caesar salad! It was so yummy and clever at the same time!
Here is the gang getting everything ready to go!
Putting lemons in my favorite mason jar glasses. Darn those are cute glasses! :)
Everybody sitting around eating crab dip!
Emily taking pictures of herself again. Jk. It was totally a sisters pic. Just don't judge her....she is still in her swim suit.
The girls made this adorable little sign for baby Everett. Who knew you could sew on paper! Now this is hanging over Everett's window in the nursery.
Here is the insane diaper cake that chel put together. It is so darn cute and better than a regular cake because...it doesn't make your hips big and you can use it later! :) So nautical.
The girls also made these adorable little cake balls. Which...I know from experience that it is very hard to get them to look that cute.
Lastly here is the table setting. These are all the pictures that I took until my camera died that night. But just a thanks to my family for putting on an adorable fun shower for us. Everett got so many cute things and I am so excited for him to be born just so we can use them! :)

ps. Pictures of my Salt lake shower will be coming soon... as soon as I get the pictures from Aubrey. :)

Canning or...Jarring with the ladies!

Weston was so excited about this little girls balloon. :)
Here is Jenna. No she isn't canning watermelon...although that might be sort of good.
Here is the finished product!
Chelsea also made a whole butt load of tomato sauce and it took ten million years to cook but it turned out awesome!
This is me...resting the weary old tootsies, and by that I mean my feet. Mom made me sit down because Emily pointed out that my feet were so swollen that they were starting to look like Yoda's feet.
Deacon...helping out as usual... :)

The assembly line of hotties. Yes...mother that includes you.
I was the outcast at the stove...that is why I am making these faces.

Brian's Rocket

Brian and Aubrey proudly collecting the remains of Brian's rocket!
Quinn and Drake...aka...the peanut gallery. :)
The beautiful beast. Oh and just so everyone knows the story, Brian got this rocket from Drake as a little project and he spent so much time making it. It turned out so awesome and we had the perfect day to blast it off.
The launch pad. We also had a couple false starts which was so exciting to count down from ten and then have to do it again because of technical difficulties. :) We had a blast. ha ha oh I crack myself up.
Aubrey with her somewhat evil mischievous face.
And of course...Brian below. What a cutie. :)