Our First Nativity

I just had to post this. This is Brians nativity that he had while on his mission and now it is our first nativity...thanks to annie!!! Its so cute AND so little. Too great things in one.

Temple Square Lights

The friday after Thanksgiving Brian took me to see the lights on temple square and to go shopping at the gateway mall. First we parked ten million miles away and had to walk forever in the cold to get there, but it was worth it. First we went to mall and there was a childrens choir singing there! they were so cute! Then Brian got bored so we went back to see the lights. They were so awesome. Oh and I also tried to give some homeless man some gloves but he didnt want them...probably cause he just wanted my money...for drugs. ha ha


Homework homework homework!

Aw...isnt he cute when he colors! actually Brian is doing homework believe it or not. Oh and this is also a little taste of how awesome our apartment is...namely the couch.



Well...as you all know...we had a beautiful dinner at the Lion house. It was so delicious and it was perfect to relax after a long day. Thanks to Annette and Rick. Love you. We had fun playing the game with the shoes and Paulette and Drake did an awesome job. Thanks to the dads for their great speeches.

We went to dinner AND we got married! can you believe it!

So the night before my endowments, and when we all just got into town, we went to dinner. We went to this weird italian place that I can remember the name! ha ha. But it was a cool place because they have servings that are so big that we only ordered two and it filled everyone with left overs! Aw...my nephews are so cute...and emily. (sorry to chels and west...I dont have any pics of you. But to all you haters out there...shut up...they were there. )


In case you were wondering what this is, it is my leg...with a masive bruise. So a few days before halloween brian and i went and helped at an elementary school carnival. It was so fun and we got to be in charge of that game where you have to throw ping pong balls into those too small vases. We had a blast. BYUI was in charge of bring the help so of course we rode there in one of those 15 passenger vans. On the way home, we had the driver drop us off early so we didnt have to walk so far home from campus. Brian and I were sitting in the very back and we thought it would be easier to get out throught the back so we open the back doors and jump out. Little did i know, but there was a hitch for a trailer there...yup. And being the show off that I am, i had to take pictures of it.


This halloween was different than any other...it was actually fun! Brian and I dressed up and he took me to the orchestras haloween concert that was pirate themed. It was so cool/funny and they did a great job of it. After that we went to the Kirkhams house and of course, Paulette made us food. We hung out there for the rest of the night with our adopted cousins. It rocked. Anyway. I thought everyone might like to see what we dressed up as. I am an egyptian and Brian is.... a snooty golfer...or a private school boy...not sure. But he is still really handsome.

ONE of my many bridal showers...the only one I have pictures for

This was so fun! All of my roomates through me a bridal shower one night after class. Jess and Aubs were sweet enough to show up to it and they brought me an awesome gift! Even colleen brought me a gift even though she couldnt be there. I have such good friends/family. At the shower they made me a wedding dress and vail...and boquet out of t.p... And yes...we are poor college students so we re-used it ha ha. Then we opened presents and Becky...my best friend...made brownies! It was so fun! Enjoy the pics.:)


Just another great day at BYU Idaho-President Clarke

Here is a pic of a cake...obviously...that says I love Brian...cause I do...actually it says I heart Brian..but you know what I mean. :)


Meridian Weekend

Ok. This was the best weekend ever. Sadly I am an idiot and didnt take one picture. But here is what happened. When we arrived it was so fun because mom didnt know that jeff was coming and I didnt know that Chelsea was coming. It was so fun to have all the kids there. (Although I did miss Corbin and the boysies.) We just hung out that night and Jeff and I had a sleep over in the play room. The next morning mother and I got up early and I had my dress hemmed up. When we got home everyone else was awake and we got ready for my bridal shower. (Which was also a complete surprise) It was so fun! It was so good to see all my favorite people although I wish I had more girlfriends that are my age. ha ha. The shower was so awesome and we played fun games. Mom and Chelsea and Kristin and Emily put a lot of work into it to make it awesome. After the shower I went and got my hair done. (Last time before the wedding!) And Brian stayed home with the boys and played basketball. After that we were going to go to dinner at applebees when dad said that we had to make a stop. I had no clue where we were going and to my surprise we stopped at dorseys music and I got to pick out any guitar I wanted. It was so thoughtful. I started crying a little...I know...dont judge. I was so excited and now I have adopted my new guitar (Roosevelt) as Brian and I's new child. Then we went to dinner with Gma and it was so fun and delicious. We came back and had dad's birthday. He is so cute! Oh dad, I love you. After that we ate the chocolatiest cake ever and attempted to watch a movie in which I definitely fell asleep. The next day was stake conference and of course we were late. :) Then we went home and came back to Rexburg. I had such an awesome weekend and Brian and so much fun. Hopefully I can steal some pics from someone now :)


Study Study Study!

Now a days thats all Brian and I do....mainly scriptural doctrine however :)


Mother's Weekend! Woot Woot

This last weekend was mothers week here at BYU idaho. Normally the mothers come up for a whole week and go to classes with you...until they changed it to mothers weekend. So mommy came up to see me and it was so fun. She came to my child developement class with me and helped me with my notes, sat next to me, and almost got us in trouble. :) Then we went shopping at this awesome place called artco and bought a million things for the wedding for under forty bucks. Later on friday we went to Thai night at the Kirkhams house. It was nice to finally have my mommy meet my adoptive parents and siblings while im at school. The Kirkhams are so sweet. Then we came home. I thought that mom and I were going to stay up late swaping girly stories and painting nails, but...you know mom...she crashed. So she slept in my bed.
The next morning she woke me up at eight and asked me if I wanted to go out to breakfast in Idaho Falls. So we drove forever and got lost in the snow and we finally found this old cute little diner. We had a hot breakfast and talked. (Brian was at a mountain bike race, which im sure he would love to tell you all about :)...)
After that we went shopping at the mall and mom bought me a rediculous amount of stuff with the excuse that im only going to be her baby girl for 26 more days. ha ha. How sweet.
Then We went to mitchs and kristens house to try on the bridesmaid dresses and say hello.
Then i went home to write a paper and see brian. Later that night we met up with the three and went to applebees in i.f. It was so fun. Although i was really nausious and didnt eat anything. After that we went to mitch's and kristins and played a round of hand and foot (in which mitch dominated) and then watched a movie.
When we went to go home at midnight, the snow was really coming down so mom had brian drive us home. It was scary...and i was carsick. Im just glad that i have such a handsome hubby that is such a good snow driver. :)


I think you know what these are

These are just a few pics that Rick took that I love. I just think they are fun mainly. Plus Brian looks really handsome. And now I am realizing that Brian and I dont do a lot of things that are blog worthy :)

One pidgeon down, none to go

The weekend that Brian proposed to me, mom thought it would be fun to go shooting. I of course, was a little hesitant...mainly because I couldnt hit water if I fell out of a boat. But because I love Brian and he wanted to go, I went with a smile. Here are the events, in the form of photos. (*special note: I did actually hit some.)