Bubbles, Bath, Boys. A Baby Alliteration.

I love when the boys bathe together, especially when Warren pees in the water and Everett tries to drink it. :)

A finished room...almost

Now that we have lived in our little house in Queen Creek for a good four months, I finally got the boys room done. Well...almost. I wanted to put a giant white rug I am working on in there since the last renter had cats and our carpet is full of stains, but it will be a while until I get it done. :) Here are some pics of their room for all of you who are just dying to see where my boys sleep. Creepers. :)

I never thought I would see my nursery have two cribs in it. :)

Rett's crib...obviously. I spy a naked toddler.

Don't mind the partly open drawer. While I was taking pics, Rett thought it would be fun to get into his stuffed animals and I didn't bother shutting it. :)