The Colorado Rockies Game

Brian's Mission President (President Brimhall) lives in Denver and we thought it would be fun one night to go to the Rockies game. They played the Atlanta Braves. It was a close game that came down to the bottom of the ninth. It was so intense...but we lost.
As we were leaving. This guy comes up to us and it turns out he was in Brian's mission and he drove up from BYUI just for one night to see the game and what do you know? We are there with the President.
Brian and President Brimhall. (Who by the way is our new area seventy) :)

President Brimhall and his family
Me and my sweety
Oh i forgot the most important part. We got a six dollar hot dog! ha ha

The way Denver does REI

Brian and I were going to go to the temple but when we got there, they were doing cleaning...of course. Duh. So we went to REI instead! ha ha This is the biggest REI I have ever seen. It has three stories. Here is the GIANT rock climbing wall.
This is just ONE of the stair cases.
here is the smallest side of the building.
I had to take a picture of this because it cracked me up. We had to go to special parking just to get in. We had a good time.

Camp out!!!!

First you put the chocolate on the graham. Then you roast the mallow. When the mallows flamin...whew. You put the mallow on the graham. Then...you stuff.
Brian decided to make a five foot poker. I guess my two foot one wasn't good enough. It was funny. I don't know why he wanted to sit so far away from the fire in the first place ha ha
Do you want s'more? some more of what? how can I have some more if I haven't had any yet?
Me learning how to fish!!!! I didn't catch any thing :(
No...I found this on the shore. Poor little lamb. May he rest in peace.

There were these pretty flowers covering the ground. So pretty.
Brian fishing.
Look at that reflection. I think I could sell this picture for millions. If I wanted to... I just don't wanna.
Walking down the road to go fishin'!
Our beautiful tent that Jeff gave us for Christmas. He said if we ever go homeless we will have a place to go. ha ha
Brian....the hot dog.
Our hot dogs love each other
Me excited about dinner.
How sweet he is cooking mine for me! :) no actually just posing

One Sunday

Here is what our messy kitchen looks like...just so you know.
Me mourning the loss of the sunshine
Our raspberry plant and our cute little pot of annuals!
The master BBQer
It started raining so hard that in five minutes we had a six inch deep river going down the street by our house. Its sort of hard to see though.

The Back Bowl

So this is when we went bowling here. one game is fifteen bucks and shoes are five dollars extra. Its so crazy. This is the nicest bowling alley ever! We almost didn't have fun because we were sad we spent so much on just one game! ha ha well...I still had fun....as you can see.
I let brian win....
I went as THE QUEEN and Brian went as BILL.

Here is where you eat at this bowling alley... and you can order snow crab and really pretty waitresses will bring you out whatever you want. Its great.

This face is what happens when I get a strike and I get ahead of Brian
And Brian returns and kicks my butt

My useless skill

So when I get bored, which isn't often I like to crochet. Im not very good yet but I started making hair ties and shoes for this little girl in our ward who has an american girl doll. And no...that is not a real baby's foot. No babies or american girl dolls were harmed in the filming of this craft.
The fancy box that chelsea gave me went to good use.
The hair ties.

4rth of July (if only I could type 4th) Thats how the red necks type it.

I hate seeing millions of pictures of fireworks because they all look the same so I only posted one. But Brian and I did get to go to the biggest firework show in the state of Colorado. It was over a lake and was so pretty. We got to sit in the "mormon" area. It was great.
There was also a live band there. They melted my face once with their high voltage rock.
Me again.
Brian's normal face.
Brian's other normal face ha ha
Before the fireworks we saw some people that were in our ward in the parking lot so we all went out to mexican together! It was yummy. We also went shopping too!
Us with the mexican guy smoking a cigar! How romantic.