Warren's First Birthday

For Warren's party I decided to do a theme that I wanted to do since...well I'm selfish...and he is too young to pick his own theme anyway. :) So I decided to do a "Foresty First" birthday theme.

We all had so much fun at the party and Warren had lots of family show up to support him. Here are a few pics from the party!

Here is the table setting. All ready for chowing down!

I made these little trees just to add to the "foresty" theme. I just rolled paper card stock and taped it into cones and then wound yarn around them as messy as I could get it. I think they turned out pretty cute. And they only took me about ten minutes for all three so I would say it was worth it. :)

Here is my "Smore on a stick" tree. I just dipped mallows in melted chocolate and then rolled them in crushed graham crackers. This little tree I used was given to me by my grandma and it is actually a lollypop tree but I got creative.

These are my toadstool cupcakes...yup.

The BBQ little "smokeys."

Here are the "Foresty Fruits"

And the "Mountain Man Buscuits"...which by the way were almost called "wood chunk biscuits" if Brian was in charge. :)

And the "Leafy" salad

Now on to the important stuff. :) Here is the birthday boy with his cake! I was nervous he was going to touch the flame but he didn't even try. And of course, Everett helped him blow out his candle.

Happy man with his cupcake. He more destroyed it than ate it. But still had fun.

Warren got lots of toys for his birthday! And lots that of course Everett helped him open and that Everett didn't want to share with him. :) Thanks to everyone who came to the party and spoiled my boys! (PS. Warren was wearing pants until he got red frosting all over them.)

The gift we got for Warren was a tool bench with tools. It is originally from the target line but I got it on KSL for 25 bucks! Score! He loves it! Now he goes around the house hammering walls and everything he can see. Lovely. :)

Uncle Scott showing them how its done!

Happy birthday to my little "baby"


2012 Overview

Here is a picture overview of 2012 with a few of the highlights of that month. Enjoy!

January 2012

-Our little Warren Jay was born
-Lots of hugs and kisses
-Grandma Annie comes to take care of us
-Grandma Lorraine takes care of Rett (he was sick) while Warren was being born

February 2012

-Warren was blessed
-Super bowl party
-Great Valentines day
-Lots of dirty diapers from having two babies!

March 2012
-Boys are growing up
-We take lots of walks in the Arizona spring air

April 2012

-Boys' first real Easter
-Rett gets his first trike
-Grandma and Grandpa Childs and Uncle Scott visit for General Conference
-Take a "hike" in the Queen Creek mountains

May 2012

-Ali started an Etsy Shop
-Ali learns how to sew
-We refinish our side tables

June 2012

-Trip to San Diego

July 2012

-Ali runs her first 5K
-Boys start going to Kids Club at the mall

August 2012

-Just living the dream

September 2012

-We move to Utah 
-Brian gets accepted to grad school at BYU
-We visit silver lake and see the fall leaves and ducks

October 2012

-We remodel our kitchen
-Boys dress as Buzz lightyear and Rex for Halloween

November 2012

-My little sister Emily gets married
-Rett turns 2!
-We remodel our bathroom
-We paint our living room

December 2012

-Brian gets his dream job
-We have an awesome Christmas
-We paint our bedroom
-We create a playroom for the boys

We are beyond blessed and can't be more thankful for all that has happened to us this year. 
Here is to another great year in 2013!