Brian's Birthday Bash

In July, Brian turned 27. I really like to go all out with birthdays and do the whole "theme" thing but Brian would NOT choose a theme so I didn't really make one. And then in the end it sorta turned into a good ole back yard country BBQ.

This is the cake Annie and I made for the party. (Of course I had to make a Pecan Pie too seeing as Brian doesn't even like cake) But this was for the rest of the guests. And do you see the little guns on the cake? Mom...I hope you remember where I got those. :)

For anyone who is interested I posted the recipe to this frosting on my craft blog here.

The boys just hanging out and trying to get more "juice" before they actually ate any dinner.

Annie made this amazing sherbet punch that was just like dessert so the boys were going down on it.

Brian's brother Brent came in for the party and Brian's Aunt Katie was there to support him. :)

The birthday boy and love of my life. Look at that handsome devil!

Here is my little country spread. We had smoked chicken, potato salad, cake, pecan pie, chips, fresh fruit, and of course that amazing punch.

I even got all cray cray and added some mason jars to hold the silver ware to make it extra "country" :)

I think this is the only picture of me at the party and I look angry. ha ha. Gotta love it.

We had dinner and a show because we got to watch the boys play around in the yard and wrestle each other.

All the family at the party!

We decided to only put 7 candles on the cake so we didn't burn it to the ground. :) He is getting so old.

Brian didn't want to come to his cake so I awkwardly brought the cake to him so he could blow out his candles. (Funny part is, it was too windy to even light the candles so we had him pretend to blow them out so we could get an action shot.) :)

The boys goofing off on their mini trampoline.

You can tell Rett is having a really relaxing experience. :)

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