4th of July Parade

This year we went down this little local parade by Brian's parents house. They have been going to this parade every 4th of July for years and it was fun to take the boys to such a small parade. They had a blast. It was even the perfect weather.

The boys shared this tiny folding chair almost the whole parade and loved waiving their little flags that grandma Annie brought them.

Don't ask me what Warren is doing in this pic.

The whole gang (besides papa Rick who is taking the picture).

When the boys saw the fire truck pass through town they both started yelling, "wee-ooh!" Because that is the sound that the siren's make. :)

See that shirt I'm wearing? Grandma (the one we live with) made it about twenty years ago for square dancing with grandpa. I found it in the basement and she said I could have it so I tailored it to fit me and it made a perfect 4th of July shirt. :)

All the kids in the parade passed by on bikes with streamers and tossed SO MUCH candy. The boys totally scored and got a whole bunch. Rett was a little unsure at first but after about five minutes was picking up the candy like a mad man. He even stole a taffy from a one year old (which of course I made him return.)

Of course Warren would run into the street and try and eat the candy right then and there. He wasn't too interested in bringing it back to the community bag. :)

The parade only lasted an hour and the boys both fell right asleep on the way home. I think this is a new tradition we will have to start in our little family as well.

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